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BA XR6T Rough Idle, no throttle when cold.

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Hi everyone.


I've recently developed a problem with my BA XR6 Turbo that's got me bested.

When its cold, I cant throttle without the car leaning out and nearly conking out / poping in the intake. Being persitant with the throttle makes the problem pass and goes on to disappear completely when the engine warms up over a quarter gauge.

What I've replaced:


Brand new Genuine Bosch O2 sensor.

Brand new Genuine Bosch Fuel Pressure Reg.

Cleaned Factory Injectors.

Brand new Ryco Fuel Filter.

Brand new Walbro 255LPH Pump.


These were done prior to issue arrising and car was driven faultlessly for about 1500Kms.


Since developing the issue I've done:


Brand new Genuine Spark Plugs.


I've scanned the car, it's not throwing any codes.


My current fix has just been idling the car till warm and then going on with my travel.


Cheers in advance.

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I would say 99% this is not your issue, but it's an easy one to prove.

The ecu's in ba's are prone to failure when cold or hot. Usually doesn't cause this issue but still. Pour a kettle of hot water over the ecu before driving.

Other issue you may have a vacuum leak.

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so you're waiting for the car to get warm with regard to coolant to get proper boost/power in the top end... sounds like coils to me, but could be a bunch of things...

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