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Hosting Costs - Due Now

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Hi All,

Due to COVID-19, and restrictions put on businesses, some of our advertisers have been slow to pay and unresponsive and thus have put us in a position where we are now behind in our monthly server lease, and thus today received a disconnection notice.

In order to get us over the line, we need to raise $250 in order to cover this months costs before the end of the month.


If you can would be great in trying to raise the funds for this to get us over the line for this month.


I hope you are all staying safe in this difficult time.


You can use this link to donate to this cause - https://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/clients/donations/


Thanks in advance

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Thanks guys for the tremendous effort. We raised an additional $200 and managed to put this towards next months payment as well.


Your support has been amazing! 

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@4321 & @g.l & @Cde & @spook & @xr6666turbo & @El Andrew up to new Donating Member levels :)


thanks very much to everybody who donated, including these lovely people who also parted with their hard earned to keep this forum running:
@bupalooga & @Rab & @Puffwagon & @arronm & @bloodycrashboy & @violetpop & @finnas

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