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Rebuilt Barra R31 project

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Well, after typing a super long introductory post I have accidentally deleted it whilst trying to upload images, so please excuse me for the poor grammar and rushed post.


So, lets start again, long time lurker here, have finally decided to join the forum.


For a long time I've had this ridiculous obsession with R31 Skylines, I've had this particular 31 sitting around for years now that somewhat has some sentimental value and figured now is a better time then any to start making a move on it.


Late last year I had my eye on a 2UR-FSE (For those that don't know, it's a Toyota quad cam 5.0 V8 out of an ISF) with an 8 speed transmission, This was a month or two out from my wedding and unfortunately priorities got in the way (which absolutely sucked, but hey lets keep that to ourselves, she doesn't read these forums!).


I did during this time happen to however come across a super cheap FG XR6T manual motor complete with ECU and Harnsess around 80-90km's.


The initial plan was to split it open to check condition (car had been in a hard front ender), Check pump backing plate and gears being a manual motor (plus billet gears) and throw some bearings in it.


I figured, factory turbo, a stock ZF and 300 odd rwkws in a 1300kg car would be enough to stain the seats but we all know how that story goes.


Everything was good and would have been fine, but as it goes every single time, There was a voice whispering quietly in my ear "why not while it's apart, you'll break it and do again anyway", so here is the list so far.


Engine so far -


  • Cleaned factory FG XR6T pistons
  • Fresh hone and new rings with opened up ring gaps
  • Spool H-beam rods
  • XR6 Turbo developments billet oil pump gears
  • ARP Main Studs


Plans ahead - 


  • 10mm alloy girdle - wanted some opinions on this, is it worth the girdle, are we able to fit factory windage tray with a 10mm girdle ARP Studs and a factory BA Sump ?
  • Mace timing chain kit
  • Factory Ford head gasket
  • Crow Cams valve springs with factory retainers
  • Deck head
  • Valve stem seals
  • GT3884 on stock manifold
  • 1000cc injectors
  • Front mount (I'd also like to try and retain power steer and a/c)
  • Possibly HP Tuners NGauge, any opinions on this, are we able to run FLEX with these ?


Driveline and Suspension -


  • 31 spline mechanical LSD centre
  • 31 spline billet axles
  • Boxed rear arms
  • Stock springs with new shocks all round
  • Thicker rear sway bar
  • Custom front sway bar to clear sump
  • R33 twin piston front calipers
  • Re-sealed standard rear calipers with 300mm EF rotors
  • Nissan RE4R03A ( these seem to hold up in Patrols with small mods, hoping the same will apply for something around a tonne lighter)
  • Valve body
  • Stall converter
  • Single piece tail shaft


Not sure what realistic power figures would be with this but am hoping for a 10 second capable car that can drive 500km's up the coast without a worry


Love to hear what you guys think!








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looks like you've got yourself going right down the right track :) fantastic looking engine and build progress update :)


I'm not sure on the girdle, but while you're there it's always worth upgrading.


I believe PCMTEC tuning software can do flex, but not 100% sure... @rollex can confirm.

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Thanks @k31th looking forward to getting stuck into it!


I think I will go down the path of the girdle, although I may need to trim the FG windage tray to suit the BA/BF sump.


I'll definitely look into that, I still need to look into engineering, ideally I'd like it to make the power on pump but I'm thinking IM240 might be a little easier to pass with some ethanol on board.

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Flex fuel is totally possible. About ~$1k for a plug and play loom, sensor and fuel rail fittings (assuming you are using the stock fail).


Speak to Danny and he can sort you out with the right kit depending on which ECU and loom you are using.



If you need to pass emissions it will be much easier with the stock ECU, send me a PM and I can recommend a tuner who knows what they are doing and has the time to sort that out for you. It will be very easy to meet the RB30E emissions if you put a modern factory catalytic converter on a barra.

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Hey mate, sorry, hopeless at checking and updating this thread!


The motor is still currently sitting on a stand pretty well assembled (needs sump & timing cover on) haven't added anything different other then cams, I'd love to use a ZF but the cost factor would be killer considering wanting to make 4-450 rwkw. How was tunnel space with the ZF ? Do you have any other details or images of the car at all ?


RB is practically out just waiting on some storage space, really need to give myself a kick to motivate me to hurry up and move forward with this thing.

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