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Wastegate Actuator Overboost Investigation

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Hi Dudes

This is my first post on the forum and it seems that I am having an over boost issue and I want to sort it out.


So I've got a bf xr6 turbo and after some investigation it turns out it has a turbosmart iwg 75 and seems to want to run around 13 psi. This is setup is run via bypassing the factory solenoid so my plan is to take the wastegate Actuator off and see if I can run a lighter pound spring maybe 5 or 7 and then install a turbosmart boost controller tee for the near future with the plans to run 10 psi


So should 

1. Take it off with the turbo still on the car

2. Take the turbo and replace the gasket

3. Buy a holden

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take off the actuator and put a stock one back on and ensure with a local tuner that you have a stock tune in the car or confirm with the previous owner what he/she did to get it to run 13psi.


then get the car tuned by a tuner if you want to run that boost level safely, as the stock solenoid is electronic boost control all by itself, so you don't need a boost-tee at all and they just overcomplicate and make things more dangerous.



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