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Yay! I made the Club.....Just ;)

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Hey all,


Stopped by to say I finally made the Club. 309rwKW (414rwHP). With the all the mods I have installed for 2 years now I finally had some free time and money to take the car with Dump and Injectors to Real Dyno to get them to throw them in and tuner her up.


Very happy to say the least with the Car, the Tuner(Lee @ Real Dyno is a bloody legend) and the PCMtec Tuning software and what it can do.


I'm amazed at how the car drives, the extra power and the features the PCMTec allows. 4 maps, Low Boost (10psi) High Boost (14-15psi), Boost y Gear and Valet. The fact you can change between the tunes while driving and the car doesn't miss a beat is amazing for a factory ECU. Car also runs smoother than it is ever has since I have owned it. Shift heaps faster and harder, and from initial early testing even seems to be a bit more efficient when granny driving.


Stop and Steer MODS:

SuperPro Diff Bushings (all)

DBA T3 4000 series rotors (F&R)

Forza Street/Track Pads (front)

ProjectMu HC800 pads (rear)

Whiteline adjustable swaybars (F&R)

OZ racing coilovers (BC Racing re-brand)

Falken FT510's all (F&R)


Engine & Trans MODS:

ZF Service and new factory F6 Heat Exchanger

KPM Street Fighter stock location intake

Intune Intake muffler delete

Intune Braided Oil feed with inline filter

TurboSmart Dual port BOV

Nizpro Big Big 1000HP Intercooler and Piping

Xforce 4" Dump (wrapped) and HF 5" CAT to stock exhaust

ID1000's Injectors

PCMTec 4 Map Multi-Tune w/ ZF Tune



414rwHP @ 5029 RPM (309rwKW) and 450ftlb @ 3791 RPM (610nm)

Lee mentioned it would of likely made more but is was 32°C and 80% Humidity in the dyno cell. So I am stoked!


The car ran a 13.04 @ 106MPH stock on el-cheapo tyres. I hope to run an very low 12 maybe a 11.99 on a cold winter night ;) now is time to enjoy the car have some fun at the track start saving for a new turbo and a e85 Flex tune and setup.




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very nice work on getting it finally into the club :spoton: should turn a tyre on wet grass now, for sure :icon_ford:

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Nice work mate


Based on accounts on this forum, RDP has been pretty hit and miss over the years, good to hear some positive feedback

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Yeah I did see some conflicting review, but from what I could see all the bad reviews were quite long ago, everything I have seen lately have only been positive. Maybe there has been a change of ownership or tuners?


from my personal experience everything has only been positive

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