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Gtx gen1 vs gen2

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Hey just wondering if anyone has some information on a gtx 3582 gen 1 vs gen 2, I haven’t been able to find any direct comparisons, obviously the gen 2 flows more but not sure if it’s worth my time upgrading from a gen 1. I have heard gen 2s are a bit harder to control boost down low?

If not worth it what would be a good upgrade, have considered the 3584rs but not keen on the 1.15 rear housing


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Hey @Callum1998


Gen 1 GTX3582’s are a 64mm wheel 

Gen 2 GTX3582’s are a 66mm wheel 


Gen 1’s are supposed to have 10% better power and efficiency over GT3582’s 

Gen 2’s are supposed to have 10% again on top of Gen1’s 


real world figures I have seen and personally tuned are very similar combos Vehicle/mods wise and 480rwkw on 21.5psi for Gen1 and 500rwkw on 21.8psi for Gen 2


The GTX3584rs is a unique 1000hp rated turbocharger when combined with Garrett’s rear SS housing in Vband configuration. That said I’ve just had a customer come in with a GCG GTX3584rs that they specifically fit the T3 5 bolt XR6T rear housing on in 1.15..... spool rate was junk and the turbine “Artec” housings are pure Sheetttttt !
I have worked in with him to go a custom modified Factory FG 1.06 5 bolt XR6T turbine housing to suit the unique RS rear wheel. This is available in Internal gate with my custom 39mm port & flapper combo or External Gate but off of the manifold 


I will be tuning this on Tuesday and it’s a very similar car combo as mentioned above so results will be interesting but all vehicles had factory FG engines so I won’t be going to crazy with it in regards to power. Hopefully I can nail the top end power figure 500rwkw but on slightly less boost would be nice. 

Yes it’s an expensive exercise but it is what it is for quality ! 

if you need anything buzz me a PM :) 


IWG 39mm 84rs modified 


External WG RS modified 




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That is interesting, have never seen anybody do that with the factory rear housing for the 84rs. I probably will push close to the limit of the standard bottom end with the gen 1 but I have to take the turbo off anyway to replace my actuator (I used a mighty vac/pump and found my actuator cracking at 2-3psi) so thought I’d upgrade while I was there

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Not too many have the tooling to profile the Turbine housing correctly on a factory housing hence GCG offering Junk Artec housings. 
Power generation limits are always in mind but how we get there and what we can potentially gain under the curve is always sweet fruit too :) 

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I’ll keep my eye out for your thread to see what you get with that 3584, where did you get the external gate done, looks nice there hopefully doesn’t get any unwanted attention

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