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Engine light issue - Help pls!!!!

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Hi guys, have an ongoing problem with my stock xr6t which is driving everyone crazy and I'm about to stop it for parts!!!. Long story short, car starts and drives perfectly every morning but as soon as it gets hot the engine light will come on at startup, it will run as rough as guts and have no response from the accelerator. Turning it off then on again a few times has worked, runs fine once started.

Parts replaced in the last 9 months:

Ecu (trans limp mode problem)


Pvc valve

O2 sensor

Crank angle sensor

Cam angle sensor

New (genuine coils) and plugs

Cylinder head temp sensor

Cvt phasers cleaned out and new rocker cover gasket

New fuel pump and filter.

Throttle body (2nd hand)

Wiring behind the engine block has been replaced.

Wiring from ecu to engine replaced the other day as workshop believed it had a high resistance connection problem. This did not fix the issue. It now happens even when it hasn't been driven but when weather is hot (I'm in SA)

Current codes showing from workshop scan have shown these codes: 

P1270-63, P2100-65 - Throttle actuator control module and U1900-63 - can bus communication fault.


If anyone could help out it would be friggin awesome, cheers.

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that's going to be really hard to figure out if you've replaced all of that and haven't fixed it or even changed the symptoms... sounds sorta like it's been tuned and when it's in the "hot" settings it's got a bad tune in it that causes it to go into limp-home-mode.


since you're in SA, you're best off pinging @JETURBO and getting him to have a look at it.

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Did an experiment, put it out in the sun yesterday. Left it there today (40 degrees), tried to start and friggin engine light on straight away (without it being driven). Poured cold water over ecu and started straight away with no engine light!! So would this now be an ecu issue or maybe map sensor?

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Sounds like a ecu. Test it the other way with a kettle.

What is the number on the side of your ecu.
Should look something like this but up the right way

I sent the ecu to injectronics and they tested it in a oven, and vibration machine 8d138f6a8a3e033ec68960b6b7f59730.jpg

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When the car starts it runs fine, no missing, stalling etc... it's just getting the bitch to start when it's hot (engine or direct sun). This is the replacement ecu numbers, I'm going to call injectronics tomorrow to have a chat with them. How long did it take for you to get your ecu back?? Cheers. 


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