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Diff on my FG turbo ute is on the way out and local mechanic recommended that if I want the diff built up to try some out of town mobs rather than the local transmission place.


Want to go with a TrueTrac centre, weld the diff tubes and stronger axles might even be a good idea while I'm at it?

Ive got 300rwkw, tramp rods and carry an extra half ton load every day.


So who are some diff/driveline companies I could contact for a quote that would do an exchange? Send me a built rear end, I'd swap it locally and send my old one back to them. I'm in rural nsw, about 6hrs from Sydney & 5hrs from Melbourne.

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Try D&R Diffs at Chipping Norton, Sydney

Built my diff, know their stuff and are easy to deal with. 3 old fellas called Glen, Glen and Bob, you know you're in good hands lol


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