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-8 AN sump plug mod

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Hey all, so last time I did my service I think the sump plug might have started to strip and lately when I get under the car I'm noticing oil on the sump(think I need to do rocker cover gasket too while I'm at it haha). So I've decided to do what I've seen a couple of people have done and tap in a -8 AN union fitting, what I'm curious about is watching good old benny's cresta vid he seems to have either a gasket or thread sealer where the fitting goes into the sump. Just wondering if any here have done it or had it done and what if anything was used to prevent a possible leak from between the sump and fitting?

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You can get a ball valve that makes it so easy to drop the oil.

Ez drain valve.

Has a decent detent and is spring loaded so won't let go by itself.

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