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Ecu issues

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Hi guys,

just having recently fixed my issue of the car having issues to idling I now am having issues wuth the second issue. 


Car is a 6cyl ba Fairmont ghia with a 4 speed auto. 


Ever so often it would go into limp mode and the gearbox would throw codes, 

Changed oil and filter and that did. It resolve the issues.

A search online shows it could be the ecu and I replaced that and this is where more issues start. 

I went from a 32AE to a 32AD ecu and had it programmed. 

Took the car for a drive and the second it changes gear throws it into limp mode (speedo doesn't work either) 

He tried to reprogram it and tried again, same code p0500. 

Could I have been sold an ecu for a Ute and not a sedan?  

It keeps looking for a speed sensor that the Ute's have and sedans don't have, 

The guy that programmed it wasn't sure if Ute ecus will work in sedans. 



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well, you definitely need to either get somebody who knows how to re-program the strategy on the PCM (it's Ford's name for the ECU) to suit a Sedan versus a Ute variant, but if you're sticking with the same guy, then get the same model variant of the PCM (it should be fairly cheap considering you're after an N/A one instead of a turbo one) at a wreckers and get that coded for your car.

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Sorry for all the spelling mistakes and the poor formatting. It wouldn't let me edit it and I was taking the train to work 😕

The guy that programmed it came recommended by the person I bought the ecu off (Ford pro wreckers) and the programming set me back $200

I am not sure if many people can program the ecus. 


I am used to driving 40+ years old cars with no bloody ecus. 

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your spelling was fine :idunno:


well, go back to the same guy with a correct PCM and get it re-done correctly by him, under "warranty for work" or whatever you might be able to get through him, as he clearly didn't get it working to a satisfactory level.

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