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2003 BA XR6 N/A - Bad note / raspy exhaust after putting full exhaust system on - Exhaust reccomendations?

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Hi guys,


I've been driving my 2003 BA XR6 N/A for a little under a year and just recently (past few months) put a full exhaust system on it, and it's the only mod I have done other than aftermarket rims. I had a full DEA exhaust system, until a couple of weeks ago I changed a hot dog to a hi flow muffler. So I have: Pacemakers -> hi flow cat -> hi flow mid -> hi flow rear (2.5").


I both like and dislike the sound. What I don't like about it is that it's quite raspy. I have been scouring the internet and found multiple YouTube and forum posts of people with a lot nicer sounding XR6 N/A's, without the rasp that I am experiencing. I am not sure if it is the brand - DEA - or I have also come across on the internet that hi flow cats can make an exhaust more raspy. Would an idea be getting rid of the hi flow cat and replacing it with a stock one? Changing headers would be too much hassle and money, perhaps a different cat-back brand?


Any advice is much appreciated.

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