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AU falcon, wont start

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Hi Guys


my mate has a AU falcon ute for skids, its been parked up for about 6 months and the engine has been out. we tried to start it the other day and we are getting nothing.


it has a j3 in ecu, so no smartshield/smartlock.

all relays have been checked and with the fuses.


when you put the car to ign, the fuel pump does not prime. when you put it to start there is no starter.

if you manually trigger relays for fuel pump, it works.

if you manually trigger the starter motor, it works.

kinda obviously we are not getting spark or fuel.


the pcm gets its power and ground, and the key on 12+. we can connect to obd2 and pull codes from pcm (no codes) 


have been trying to read the wiring diagrams and follow through with fault finding, but I thought id ask the Internets professionals for ideas...so im all ears.

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@eff xr6t might know... I've got no idea, though, other than to say it must be an electrical issue as the fuel pump priming is all electrical.

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