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Rebuilding Xr6t with NA block questions

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So I've tried searching this no avail to get the answer I'm after

I've got a 2005 ba xr6t.

Looking to build the motor but I was planning on buying a block and possibly head and building it then pulling my motor out and putting this one in

My question is

Can I just buy say a FG xr6t NA motor or egas motor

Use the block and possibly the crank if it's same from turbo to NA? Unsure of the crank and put new rods, pistons, oil pump, etc

Then swap the sump to a turbo sump for the oil return line and put a turbo head on?

Thanks in advance

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Forgot to clarify crankshaft

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Yes, you can use an N/A engine block/crank then build from there with rods/pistons and oil pump etc depending on your power goals.


You don't strictly need a turbo sump as you can just drill a hole and tap some bolt threads for the turbo oil return.


The only thing different in the head is the valve springs and exhaust valves, so you can upgrade the valve springs anyway and just get some exhaust valves for the head.

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And you might have to drill the dipstick hole (depending on how later the fg block is ie early fg blocks were supposedly drilled for both with frount hole capped off) fg heads are supposedly better than earlier ones

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