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Black roof lining and fittings

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So tomorrow I am having my roof lining replaced and I want to go black.


My current roof lining is:

  • Dirty
  • Sagging
  • Drawn on by a 6 and 3 year old with black textas


 I am going to vinyl dye all the roof fittings, handles, sun visors, a pillars, b, c and also fit the sunglasses holder replacing the standard unit. All black. I am curious to see how this looks, I know the actual FGX's have a very dark grey lining and interior fittings, so it won't look exactly the same, but I am curious to see how it comes out. 


 The Vinyl dye is VHT gloss black. This isn't a paint and will actually soak into the plastic and change the colour No clear coat or other type protective coat is needed and it won't flake off. 


My current car has over 300,000 km on the clock, so just replacing the existing headlining, won't make the plastic look less faded and worn. 

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I have lots of money and I like spending it. Plus it keeps blokes working and it's good for the economy lol. My interior is now officially classified as immaculate.

It will be interesting to hear your comments when I get the engine mods done and give the car a full re-spray. I have done cheapskate on cars for years. Not any more.

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