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Venom Exhaust and Mild or Stainless??

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Hey guys, recently purchased a G6ET and looking at doing some basic mods. Have been eyeing up the Venom turbo back exhaust but not sure whether to go stainless or mild steel. Is stainless really worth the extra and does it have any effect on exhaust note? Also be good to hear from anyone that's had some experience dealing with the Venom products.

Thanks guys.

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Stainless normally sounds more raspy, mild steel normally sounds better in my opinion just need to make sure its protected so it doesn't rust

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Hey Josh


The venom systems are great value for money and for any members looking for anything on the venom catalogue I can do better than rrp, just buzz me a P.M :) 


As @espoig has described the Mild systems give a deeper mellow sound and zero drone whereas the full stainless systems can sound “Tinny” and hollow for a while whilst they get a bit of carbon through them and once that’s done the final sound is a Raspy sound vs warm mild  of the mild steel. 


Heres one I fitted to a FGX turbo last month 









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