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Best lowering setup


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Thanks for all your comments guys, I'll look into all the recommended setups and sorting out that saddle bush situation. With no weight in the back its kinda sloppy, got my first experience of severe axle tramp under load today trying to floor it into the highway lmao, but other than that it's not too bad. Put some soft 255/35R19's on the back in a good brand to help with traction, kinda just looking to get it looking nice and level with some wheel tuck for now.

Upgrading the spring setup with more links sounds like a decent idea too. That rear end ford used definitely isn't meant for putting power down lol

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I run Bilstein B8 shocks all round, rear re-valved to V8 Brute Ute spec by Bilstein. King Spring SSL on the front and Rear, Superpro control arm bushes, Steel leaf spring saddles, rear 20mm Whiteline sway bar and traction bars made by Jayson Scott. Handles damn well for a ute. Utes get a lot a spring wind up so stiffening the front half of the spring added with traction bars/caltracs will go a long way and save you smashing CV's and blowing your diff (I learnt the hard way).


Just a word of advice, once you lower it you start playing with driveline angles and prematurely wear parts from excessive pinion angle and can cause all sorts of strange clunks and noises (I used diff shims to counter this).


Looks good though

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