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7+7 Blade vs 11 Blade in a 3584?

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Hey guys, I'm just about to buy the parts to build my new turbo.

As I'm getting close to fitting all the new upgrades before it goes in for a couple of fresh tunes on the dyno.

I am building up a new turbo to 3584 specs, but have a few queeries about what billet wheel to fit?

The options I have readily available to me are a GTX3584 11 blade billet wheel, and a billet a 7+7 blade .

Both have slim noses & extended tips.

But I would like to know the pro's and cons for them before making a decision.

I will be using an A/R .70 housing with 4'' anti-surge, the exhaust is 4" from the turbo into twin 4" high flow cats, then 4" through to a twin 3 1/2" outlets from rear muffler (so back pressure shouldn't be an issue) It has a big nizpro intercooler and inlet manifold and hot side air filter and pipe work.

It will be tuned to around 21psi boost, I have lowered my diff ratio to 4.1:1 and fitted a 3.35:1 first gear in my 6 speed manual to assist with the extra lag I'm expecting with the bigger huffer.

Has anyone experimented between the two wheels, and what were the differences in the behaviour of them?

Cheers Ken

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I doubt anybody but a turbocharger manufacturer would be able to tell you the performance differences between equivalent size/weight wheels and their associated blade configurations... all I know is the 11-blade (GTX3582R - series 1) ones are quieter when you "dose" them, that's it, as compared to the 6+6 blade GT3582R, but otherwise there's other considerations to how the turbo's perform that's down to other parts and pieces in the engineering differences between said turbo's. If it were me, I'd just go for whichever wheel is of a "newer" design, e.g. the GTX over the GT variant.

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