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The new hack


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Thought I may as well get a start at a new thread for the 'new' ute...


My little brother sends me links to random cars on gumtree and carsales semi-regularly, a few weeks back he sent one that made me look twice; built atomic motor, built auto, g2 gtx3582, wavetrac, tailshaft etc

I always thought if I get another barra it would have to have a built motor and auto box, and would prefer a ute again...so all boxes ticked, nitro blue same as the old bitch.

Bit of digging and found out the seller was a 3rd mate twice removed in family terms lol

The usual back and forth, decided to go ahead.


Picked it up a couple of weeks back, haven't taken any photos apart from these





To be continued...

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33 minutes ago, k31th said:

it better do some good skids, eh, camo :)



No doubt it can, not at the moment though

Needs some 'things' sorted.... all that glitters is not gold and all that


It's had somewhat of a whore's existence ie. lots of coin thrown at it and gone through a number of sets of hands lol

In list form:

First owner did nothing to it but kept every single receipt every the look of it

Next guy spent money on the usual mods plus a wavetrac

Some issues with tuner

more money spent

At some point motor was popped

Motor replaced with what's allegedly an Atomic motor, trying to trace details but difficult as block numbers apparently aren't how they're recorded. Exactly when and who is extremely hazy; only telltale signs at this point are Atomic balancer on the front and the fact it swallows a sh*tload of boost without blinking

New tuner

At some point standard auto lets go

Customer throws up his hands and sells

Tuner employee buys

Fits gtx and other bits, auto is allegedly built around this time

WWIII between tuner and employee, they part company (not sure of exact order here)

Employee swaps for Evo to tyre/wheel company who uses it for advertising

Wheel guy sells to last owner, young guy who had it for around 6 months as a weekend tyre blazer I suspect

Sells it to this sucker lol


I may have missed out an owner or two, can't be sure.


Last owner helpfully fitted new plugs and coils...genuine coils so all good there, but 0.9 plugs...and it allegedly wants 28psi on current e85 tune lol

This creates issues as you can imagine.


So. "Other things";

No records of auto build, but no flaring, had been handling the power fine and 'feels' good but to be fair I'm clueless about autos

Suspect it may have some sort of stall convertor as down low when you start to gently ease the power on, there's some light resistance in the box at first, then it feels a bit like riding the clutch would be in a manual before grabbing and hooking hard when you give it to it.

Front breather has been carefully welded up........

"know what this is Dylan?"

"Nah boss" 

"It's surplus to requirements, son. Make the TIG ready!"

Rear breather has a nice AN fitting welded into the rocker cover, then braided hose...about 300mm long, then just an open end lol  

4" dump, no cat and single 3.5" with 2 reasonators (no mufflers) means it's the loudest droniest exhaust in the barrasphere....funny how soon you sort of get used to it though.


More details to come

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1 hour ago, Admin (as if) said:

god daym if that's not one to steer clear of I dont know what is 😕


she gets around


yep I would of 100% said no to that sale unless there was some hard evidence it actually had said mods. Ive been looking recently and I love the old "built this, built that" list and the extra 10k on the price, but when you ask, nah no receipts or anything..


jog on pelican



hopefully though you got something as promised camo

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