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GFB DV+ factory replacement BOV

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GFB make a replacement for the factory bosch blow off valve called the DV+.


It's been out for a few years and heaps of VW guys seem to praise it highly but I've searched and can't find any mention of it on here?

Has anybody use one and noticed any improvement over the standard bov?


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BOVs just makes noise.
That is all.
Get it if you want dose noise.
Remove the BOV all together if you want flutter.

Dose 4TW though.


K bye

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I dont like bovs, I just use the factory one plumbed back in.


I dont like flutter to bring attention either,


Intake spool noise for daysssssssss FTW


agreed go turbosmart regardless if you feel the need for one.

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I don't care much for bovs or their noises either, I've always planned to stick with the factory one but I am looking to replace it as maintenance item (high kms) which is how I stumbled across the GFB.


So there's a bunch of VW, Audi, Ford RS, Merc, BMW guys posting on forums saying they actually noticed a performance increase or less lag using this over the Bosch unit that comes standard on our cars I'm just surprised there isn't even one mention of it on here? Even on Amazon a heap of people raving on about it. https://www.amazon.com/T9351-Valve-diverter-valve-advantage/product-reviews/B00HQPV29U/ref=cm_cr_dp_d_show_all_btm?ie=UTF8&reviewerType=all_reviews


Why #turbosmart over an Australian company? Are are you referring to the Kompact bov?


Seems you guys are thinking that I'm after a fully sik bov I'm not I was going to replace my old 300,000km Bosch bov... with a brand new Bosch bov.. but after seeing reviews for the GFB I'll be purchasing that instead.


I'm just surprised theres no mention of it here that's why I posted the thread. :)

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I got a performance upgrade by removing mine all together. And it cost $1.57 for a plug.  Better investment.


I'd maybe get a better aftermarket one if I was running over 15 psi

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