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Billet gtx3576 wheel in the baby turbo

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Yeh I’ll do a post later but finished up at 385rwkw @ a low 17.5 psi but had to bring it in a fair bit slower than it could do as the stock tail shaft is hanging in there, also had to fade boost away

There’s actually a few things on this vehicle that needs improving ( currently has a 3* intake so had to use a 4-3 reducer onto the turbo ) The walbro 255 is about 4 years & 60,000kms old so didn’

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9 hours ago, MattyP said:

I’ll message you mate 

sort of regretting the procharge 69mm

Ohh what happened with the 69mm? You were so happy with it? 


8 hours ago, finnas said:

If im doing headstuds... I assume that I have to pull the head off and do the gasket and get the head faced? If im doing that, I may as well do the valve springs and the oil pump gears at the same time?  Are my assumptions correct 😬  And if all that is correct, can I send @JETURBO a shopping list 😄.  Or any good suppliers recommend for atomic/arp stuff for price and service?

Jet will look after you for that stuff and if you can afford it, do as much as you can, there is no point doing things twice if you are already in there for other stuff anyway...


skimp on 1 thing will lead to something else. Do it once, do it right

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56 minutes ago, Puffwagon said:

Do it once, do it right, buy a honda




So true... but I'm a sucker for punishment :)


1 hour ago, MattyP said:

Head studs, valve springs, mls head gasket and oil pump and just send it 


You missed the POWER SPIRIT 😄

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Hey @finnas do you realise the link you’ve provided is for a VBand rear housing turbocharger ? 


If youre only using it for the “Supercore” you’ll need a big port on your standard Ford rear housing if it hasn’t already been done 


just some FYI in case you didn’t know :) 

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hahaha oh wow. I watched that the other day didn't realise :P  I follow brent and PFI. Good valve entertainment


Yeah, fingers crossed it fits in my rear housing all fine.  I've ported mine to 36mm. I hope that's big enough for the gtx.

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On 13/02/2019 at 3:57 PM, finnas said:

Just wondering if anyone knows some good shops in Perth that would be able to balance and port the stock front housing of a gt3576 to fit the gtx3576 wheel. 


Hi all,


What are the pros and cons of fitting a GTX wheel or core to a GT, as opposed to buying a complete GTX3576?


With the GT, once you do the wastegate, actuator, machine the housing and buy the wheel/core etc. you're around $2k, right? Compared to a bit over $3k for the GTX

Are the GTX true bolt, apart from having a larger inlet which requires piping mods, or do they need a different manifold, external gate etc?


Thanks in advance

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Is that best bang for your buck when a supercore is pushing $2k and you still have to get the wastegate and actuator done?


Would a core (CHRA) or even just a billet wheel be almost as good but cheaper, while still keeping the smaller compressor inlet?

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So been awhile, but I hate when people don't report back😂


I ended up with the Powerspirit gtx3576.  As with most things it needed a bit of modding to fit it up.  I think this is the case with all gtx's, don't quote me on that. Actuator bracket needed to be re-drilled and to line up properly with wastegate and stock turbine housing needed a tiny bit of 'machining' to not touch the turbine. But all went well and is installed.


No power figures yet however it is amazing.  I'm running 16psi atm. Not really wanting to turn it right up right now while weather isn't great.  The spool on this turbo needs to be heard to be believed haha. Instant boost, no lag whatsoever.  Still fine tuning the wastegate DC and getting the curve right for this turbo.  Upgraded the intercooler to the PW stage2 cooler as well.  So nice not having to battle with ignition retard.


Thanks to everyone that gave advice and JET who came through with the atomic stuff making my life easier.


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