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1 hour ago, Admin (as if) said:

fuark, I rather put up with the sh*t tv netlix app and keep the 450 bux haha.


I think I want to upgrade to the 4k netflix? anyone else got it? I have a 4k tv and dont think ive even watched anything in 4k yet lel

NVIDIA Shield TV is like $250. I have 4K Netflix and it's pretty great.

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why buy shield or any other device to stream 4k netflix when I still have to upgrade to the 4k netflix plan ?


I may as well upgrade the plan and continue using the in tv app for nothing? 😕  


am I doing it right?

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I have the 4k plan as well. I don't specifically watch 4k series or movies all the time.

If the movie I want to watch is not 4k, so be it.


I can't work out how to get 4k only content showing in the netflix app on the TV.

When you watch something that is 4k, you know it right away.


The upgrade of the plan to 4k was good for the tv, but the fact that all 4 of us can be on netflix at home at the same time, has made our lives easier too.

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ok might upgrade and see how it goes, ive had the 4k tv since 2015 and barely used  the feature hahaah


4k dvds were always a little more pricey, and since net flix has come out we dont even buy dvds anymore. so 4k neflix seems like a ok idea.

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On 30/01/2019 at 6:19 PM, Rab said:

Am waiting, waiting, waiting on this to turn up




Paid for in 2017 - am sitting here tapping my toes.




We will begin shipping Realiser A16 units this week, and this will continue over the next several months. Since the testing procedure is quite involved we’re only expecting to ship around 10 to 20 units per week. We’ll be posting weekly updates on the numbers that have been shipped, which is intended to give backers some indication of our progress.

Maybe sometime in the next 18 months lol

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