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What power levels are your stock zf handling?

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my zf is still internally stock, I had 450kw ++ ish odd for a few years, 4-5 odd drag meets. its still going strong today. 


but input shaft snapped the day after I put the bigger turbo on in a side street cruising home. car had only seen one drag meet at this time, many years ago. 


car makes 300kw now zf is keeping up. 


I drive like miss daisy now. 

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sorry to dig up old thread, but thought better than starting a new one about the same thing... 🤷‍♂️


running BF II XR6t, the turbo is starting to make some bearing noises, so it's almost time to replace... currently making about 365rwkws, but thinking when I replace turbo might go a retune with E85 in hopes to reach 430+...


car's done about 115,000kms all up, but the ZF was serviced with new genuine oil (and coolant lines) about 5,000kms ago... which fixed the flaring issue I wax experiencing in 3rd+ after power was bumped up from 270 to 365rwkws.. since the service though she's been good...


OR, do I wait, save some more money and go to an FG model instead - I'm told there's quite a big difference between BF & FG, particularly with the computer and tuning possibilities; engine fart, protecting gearbox better, etc.. 


thoughts? 😃

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the only real difference in driveline between BF2 and FG is the minor changes to the engine and a weaker driveshift and the computer does flash quicker but if your tuner has any patience the BF2 is absolutely fine for tuning purposes and power generation purposes... E85 is a good option if you're within reasonable distance of stations that sell it.


also, pics of your car, if it's the one in your avatar? looks good but is too small to see detail :P

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