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Tailshaft CV

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Does anyone have any ideas as to why the rear tailshaft cv on a BF ute would be running out of travel and riding on the very edge of the outer race?  


I installed a new rear cv along with a new centre bearing and I disassembled the centre cv and regreased it. Everything bolted back up fine and there where no noises or vibrations at all until about 200km later when I did a 3rd gear pull, when I let off there was a grinding noise coming from the back and a bad vibration. I pulled over to check but didnt see anything obvious and when I drove off the grinding was gone. I thought all was good so I boosted it again and the noise came back and stayed but was much louder with worse vibrations. 


In the pictures you can see the contact marks on the old and new inner race, the grease cap has been pushed into the diff flange and you can see where the ball bearings would have been sitting on the rounded over part off the outer race.


I dont know if its related but something has messed with the diff gear contact pattern and theres metal particles throughout the diff from the gears. The preload on the pinion was so tight that the pinion was almost seized but that could have been from the cv forcing itself into the diff? 


Its got me stumped, the diff hasnt moved off the leaf springs and I dont think its possible to assemble the tailshaft wrong as the cvs only go one way to have the boot fitting properly. The new rear cv is 100% the same as the one I just replaced.





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