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Ford Ba futura wagon 4.0 N/A conversion


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Hi everyone sorry for my shocking spelling but am typing this off my phone.


Hi everyone I have a 2003 Ford ba Futara wagon and I am in the process of turboing it anyways  iv been seeing a lot of people slapping turbos on the na fords and thought to myself what a good idea.


soniv done some research on the topic and watched countless amounts of videos on it and also hearing a lot of success story’s on all the forums, so I decided to give it ago as I have mechanical knowledge I decided to give it my best shot.

I acquired all if not more than enough parts to get this working.

so a week ago I started to dismantle the engine and I removed the whole n/a parts and have replaced everything with turbo running gear from a donor car  I have then installed


dump pipe,

fuel pressure reg,

drivers side loom

steering Colum,

radio and blue box

cars main computer in engine bay and attached the 3rd plug for the turbo computer,

2 bar maf sensor

and have kept the n/a engine loom but have hard wired and matched the colours for the  2 bar maf sensor.

I am using the factory crossover and Bov 

I have all turbo intercooler piping installed and sensors.

im using factory coils and plugs.

key and remote have been matched to the car and locks and unlocks.


anyways I have tried to start my ba and it goes to fire but then stalls, it fires once then nothing it won’t stay idleing I have tried to diagnose what the hell is wrong with it but no luck.

everything seems to be right? Iv tried to run the na computer and no maf at all but still nothing?


local mechanic said if I have all the computers keys and parts from same car there shouldn’t be an issue with it...


sorry guys dragging on a in a bit but trying to explain in as much detail as possible


when I go to start the car it fires up but dies.


do I need to get a sct flash tool?

or anybody have had this problem before?

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