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Recognise this car? Help needed / NSW

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Hey guys im new to the forum after some help.. I bought this 2005 Ba mk2 Turbo about a month ago off a dealer in sydney with no logbooks or proper info about the car (sigh)
From a service sticker on the windscreen.. the mechanics location has led me to belive the previous owner may have lived in Wollongong..
The car has quite a bit of work done to it
It had a CVPerformance sticker on the front of the engine (guessing it was tuned by them maybe)

Just hoping somone will be able to recognise the car and help me get in touch with the previous owner to get a little more info on the car
THANKYOU! -barry

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Welcome to the forum. I think you would have better luck contacting CVPerformance and asking them what work has been done to the car.

I am pretty sure that if you give them the REGO, they will have records of work done to it.


Good luck

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Yea, do this ^^ I did with mine it only had a Autotech 98 sticker inside the fuel flap, no plates lucky there was a rego receipt in the glovebox for its NSW rego. Anyway, ended up good for me found out what was done to car and they called the owner who posted up the Xcal4. I bought it with pics only lol. Seller said was stock lol I finally got away with one... 

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Hopefully CV will have information to share based on the cars Rego.. il be givig them a call tommorrow.. will post the results tommorrow thanks guys

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