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Barra Swapping a 1993 Foxbody Mustang In the United States of America.

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8 minutes ago, Rab said:

Almost half way to the 100 😄

I would probably be closer if I actually had some content lmao. I have a bunch of footage of the LS El Camino build I'm working on. So unfortunately my first build on the channel is going to be that and not the Barra Foxbody Mustang.

I just found a decent quality free video editing software. So I'll have my first real video up in the next day or so.


19 minutes ago, k31th said:

haha solid switch-up :)

All in good fun of course.

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It's been a while since I have had time to work on this project. Life keeps getting in the way. Here is the progress I have made this past week.

I made an engine leveling plate that attaches to the front of the motor put of some scrap steel I had lying around the shop, and I used simple chains for the back side of the motor. Once I had the motor centered between the frame rails, leveled left to right and tilted enough to clear the bellhousing, all that was left was to make the motor mounts. I know Tuff Mounts makes Mustang Barra motor mounts, but I have a welder, CNC plasma table and way more spare time than I have spare money, so I made them myself.  I am also one of only a small handful of Barra importers in the country right now, so offering my own motor mounts is just good business.













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The "Final Product" the quotation marks are because these are only used to make a jig. The final product will all be TIG welded and and much prettier, so don't judge these welds too harshly.





















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The motor is in position supported only by the motor mounts.










Unfortunately I had to notch the oil pan to clear the k-member.



The motor clears the sock hood BARELY. I had to notch the oil pan and space the k-member down 1 inch to make it fit under the stock hood, but it was worth it.


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Those mounts look pretty good. The sump plug relocation after cutting up the sump would have probably been a pain in the butt... Cool that you could lower the engine enough as it should help with CoG, too. :icon_ford:

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Thanks mate. This sump is for a customer I just sold a Barra to. After looking at the final location of the sump plug, I think I will put the sump plug a little lower on the next pan I modify. It looks like approximately 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch of oil will not drain all the way. Not a big deal, maybe a few ounces of oil, but it annoys me lol.

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