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What Springs to Lower an FG

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Hi guys. I know its re discussion on a topic and many of you will suggest me to look at a threat which is there already but I can't get my head around it. So, any help is appreciated.

I'm planning to lower my FG but I can't figure out what Springs to go for? I have seen some with SSL at front and SSSL at the back which looks exact same with SSL all around. The height I want is just to fill up the guard space. I'm planning to use stock structs and shocks just gonna change the springs. If anyone can show me what they have done or any suggestion that can help would be great.

Cheers guys 


This is the height I'm after just to cover the guard space. This one is SSL all around and the guy who posted this is GeGe6

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Just get kings ssl from Ebay they're cheap as and easy to put in yourself.
Ssl all around looks good and is pretty low you scrape on heaps of stuff. Sssl would be a nightmare I reckon but each to his own.
I actually went back to standard height springs cos I got sick of having to go so slow over speed humps and up driveways etc

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