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Oil return line leak


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12 hours ago, joffa1 said:

Temp fix helped but didn’t stop the flow. 


Just grabbing a new oil return line from Ford now. 


Will I I be able to remove and install new one up at the turbo end easily enough? How is access? I’m assuming it’s not a turbo out job...


any other tips... I assume new gaskets too?


No turbo off. Can do with it on. May be easier to take coolant pipe on outer side. Can't remember if I did or not. The pipe flange bolts at turbo end can get with a 3/8 or 1/4 drive socket with long extension. Wobble drive helps. Bit of gasket goo/rtv silicone on the gasket at sump end will help. Also a little bit on the bolt threads. If you're going to get that pipe from ebay in that link, it would pay to put some grease on the thread on the AN fitting just to stop galling. 



4 hours ago, 4321 said:

The threads into the sump are blind, so you only have to block the return hole. With your fresh oil just drain it into a clean container & put it back in when your finished. The helicoil can be bought as a kit with the right drill bit.  You can even buy a right angle adaptor for your drill if it's to long to fit in. Measure the depth of the hole & transfer this measurement to your drill bit with some masking tape- do not drill through! plan B is ring a mobile thread repair bloke & get out of his way!


Hopefully that's the case. When I did my BA the hole had been drilled most of way thru from factory.

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Ok thanks for help guys. 


Ive done some driving in it with just my dodgy permatek patch up and this morning the oil pressure warning flashed up at me. 


I assume this leak is what would have caused this...

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quite probably... are you keeping an eye on the oil level? make sure to carry around some oil to top it up if it's dropping quickly.

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