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FG MK 1, 2, FGX, BA/BF and Territory replacement ICC

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Cheers Rab.


As previously mentioned, after seeing mixed reviews I thought best to ask here. It's a lot of money to spend on a lemon.

Looks like I'll definitely go ahead with a purchase then.


I have a couple of other questions though, (which through scrolling through this forum I couldn't see, but I could be wrong) mainly to do with the (possible) accessories.

I own an Iphone 7+ and was wondering, to use Car Play do I need to buy the wireless Car Play or does Wifi alone enable this to work?

I'm also assuming, having the phone still plugged into USB cable in centre console should be fine?


Do I need to buy the Factory reversing camera plug as an extra? (on instructional video, it doesn't specify)


And lastly, where does a SD card insert into this? Or do I just buy an adaptor to plug into USB?


I've tried contacting Kayhan Audio, but haven't had a response from them from 2 weeks ago.





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Not too sure on the answers to those


For music I just use google music on the unit with it hot spotted to my mobile.


I got the apple play and google thing adapter, but never bothered using them

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