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Had another shower today so I had a wet car when I jumped in To take off for work this evening.

I took a couple quick snaps of the bonnet to try and capture the self cleaning affect I spoke off before.

As the water beads rolled back towards the windscreen they noticeably got dirtier until they flung off. This was at 50kph.



After a 10 minute drive at 100kph to work I took this photo pulling up to the boom gate to access the car park:



And interesting off topic thing I seen on Facebook the other day from a place in Wagga that I though was cool:




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Lol good because I’ve bought it. Now to make sure I actually receive it.

just wasn’t sure if it was a knock off or something. But he assured me it was their earlier model tanks (2012ish) before they went to internal pumps then back to external pumps.

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Ouch yeh that’s a fleebay knock off unfortunately, watch out it doesn’t bow and leak on the welds which is common with that style knock off  

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Ah fark aye. Well I’ll inspect the quality and have it touched up if needed. If it leaks I’ll replace it when the time comes.


I have personally experienced a genuine PW surge tank do as you described jet to my brothers old fg xr turbo. However PW paid to have it returned and sent back their upgraded twin internal pump set up for free. 

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Sale fell through and was refunded which is fine. Probably got offered more and took that rather than selling to me.

Blessing in disguise I guess.


In other news I bought a cheap samsung galaxy tab 3, Ford soecific elm327, obd2 extension cable and downloaded the torque pro app to play around with. 

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Lol Too many times. Living rural I guess contributes to it.

Definitely would be easier to jump on bargains living in the the cities that’s for sure

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Been a while since I’ve updated my thread. Not a lot has happened. But here it goes:

I’ll start with the ceramic coating. It is holding up exceptionally well. Washing is a breeze just using carpro reset. Stuff smells sweet and cleans the car fantastically. The duragloss does just as good a job but since carpro states that their formula is suited for for their coatings durability etc etc (no surprises there for their marketing) but thought I’d try using it and have found it to be a awesome product. I’ve bought another bottle to use so I don’t run out.




Now going back to early December I pulled the trigger on a Intercooler kit. 
Got sick of trying to find something decent second hand that wasn’t too far away that I could go and pick up and pay with cash I got stuck at looking at Jonny Tigs intercoolers.

Went the whole hog and got the turboside and battery relo. 
But this is where things made me go quiet for quite some time. 
I managed to snap my distal biceps tendon on my dominant arm at work.

Didn’t know it at the time but this lump turned out to be the tendon..



took about 3 weeks to get a proper diagnosis (holiday period) as the initial diagnosis was multiple tears picked up by a ultrasound machine. Went back to doctors with further complaints that my arm just didn’t feel right. After a appointment with another specialist I got ordered to go have a CT scan. 
results came in the next day while I was back at work being ordered to go in through emergency to have it repaired ASAP as it’s already been longer than they were happy with to do the reattachment surgery and didn’t want to have me being stuffed around any longer with waiting times that could be involved with workers comp.

Bicep retracting up my arm:


Bolted back together:






That whole adventure kept me off work for almost 3 months and on salary continuance which left me with no spare money. Mortgage/bills/daycare costs/living expenses had the back account jammed in a corner with mike Tyson’s prime time left hook going to town on it.


Anyways, during that time I received a pretty nice package. The Mrs wasn’t aware of the purchase and was less than pleased. But she got over it (I think). Kids thought it was great though! 😁




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Now back at work and on full duties, spent a few months getting back on top of all the bills I thought next up I should look at the oil feed line to the turbo. So went ahead and bought the kit from Aeroflow which I thought was a nice bit of kit. I liked that it uses the 200 series Teflon braid lines. Stainless fittings and no crimp fits and a decent size filter.
Also came across what I though was a decent surge tank this time. Brand new and delivered for $250 from Albury from a guy that was going to fit it to his r34.





Surge tank info:







Also during this time I thought I’d buy a new bov to go with the new Intercooler kit. Went with a turbosmart raceport genV from longboost who have me what I thought was a great price delivered for $350. Probably overkill but meh. I like the way it looked.


Then a DAY before I received the oil feed line kit in the mail the turbo started to make a god awful screeching noise at certain engine loads 😑

figured the screeching was from the impeller coming into contact with the compressor housing..

When I bought the car off my mums partner he had the core replaced with a genuine Garrett core around 15k ago (almost 2 years from the little driving he was doing in it)



Now this left me in a bit of a debacle. What do I do about the turbo? Send it to get repaired? Buy something else? High mount manifold and new Borg Warner? Bigger turbo? Find a second hand replacement? Chinese turbo? How do I get this one past the Mrs?  Fark.

more to come.

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Good stuff! Glad your arm is coming good.

I feel your pain. The turbo in my BA died a few days after I received my oil feed kit but hadn't fitted it yet.

As a cheap way out for now, could you try and pick up a used 3576 off an FG? Always seems to be some for sale due to people upgrading. Would get you by for a while and you can sell it when you eventually upgrade.

When I bought my FG and was wrecking the BA, I had planned to reuse the turbo from the BA in the FG. But a week with the baby FG turbo and I was hooked due to the responsiveness. Sure it isn't going to make the big numbers, but is fantastic day to day.

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Anyways, continuing from last night.


After pondering on options and searching high and low for answers. A msg or post from longboost on Facebook stated they will better any price I can find on Garrett turbos plus a host off most of the popular brands people use.

I stumbled across a gen 2 gtx3582r supercore for $2199 from Intunes website. I showed craig from longboost a screen shot of the advertised price and he bettered it. But once postage was factored in (~$60) it came in at $2200 anyway. Which I think was still pretty well priced delivered by someone reputable. I spoke to the Mrs some more and laid out a few options for her and she came to the party. Her ideas was it’s better to install a new turbo rather than getting something second hand. Admittedly I didn’t show her a standard Gt3582 cartridge or supercore and she didn’t pick up on the GT and GTX difference. But I told her it’s upgraded internally so won’t have anymore bearing problems 👀.

invoice was emailed and she fixed up the bill for me 😬

So she knew about this package coming!

My daughter got sent home from daycare the day before with temperature so she got to spend the day with me the next day when after 4 days of freight from qld to southern rural nsw I got a knock on the door.


 She was happy to help unpack and inspect the package 😁



she got upset when I packed it back up to put away so I think that means she approves.


While waiting during the week for the freight I had been tagging the Mrs in memes found on Facebook or Instagram stating “I bought her rings, So she bought me a turbo”


so she wanted to take photos of rings and turbo together. Have her some kicks out of it lol



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A few weeks had gone by and finally found some time to start hooking in. 




Everything going smoothly until I encountered a support bracket under the turbo..

was a fair bit of cursing trying to get the bolt out. I swear I spent more time on that one bolt than the whole turbo removal.


Probably would of made it easier if I removed the engine mount to get past that top.




Makeshift work bench 


then to work out where to put this nipple


felt a bit wrong taking to my new turbo with a drill.


drilled and tapped 1/4npt

Looking at this gave me a idea that maybe it might be worth while attacking it with a die grinder at a later date when I can look into doing the flap mod.


Banged it all back in there because needing to get the car back on the road.


while I was underneath the car installing the new oil feed line I heard a little mumble from my little helper saying something about writing. 
A few moments later I thought I better pop back up after registering what I heard him saying...



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oh gee... who'd have kids... :idunno:


10 minutes ago, SIMBAD said:

Everything going smoothly until I encountered a support bracket under the turbo..

was a fair bit of cursing trying to get the bolt out. I swear I spent more time on that one bolt than the whole turbo removal.

this is everybody who attacks this job for the first time... such a mental place for a bracket... the bottom-front bolt from turbo-to-manifold is bloody difficult and the bottom-back (in the engine mount) is such a PITA to get to for the bottom of the bracket, so you're screwed for either end of the bracket to undo, unless you have the right tools and a bit of forethought/knowledge of the situation :)

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Yeah I tried two different sets of ratchet spanners. 1/4” drives with knuckle and extensions and and a while host of ways. I can’t remember what was the best now. 
either way, bracket didn’t make its way back on. So should be a breeze for next time it comes off

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yep... standard method for turbo failure... it's quite amazing that ford persisted with it after the B-series, too... at least they made it bigger and less prone to cause this sort of failure in the process...

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Next up I thought I’d get onto the next bit and fit up the Jonny tig kit. 

off with the front bar and start seeing what’s what.


removed all the stock pipework and eyeballed how much of the lip needed cutting out of the bar.



Installed a couple nutserts 



bent up the aircon gas line




Was a little gap here but have since put a spacer in to bolt down better. Haven’t got a picture on my phone just now to show what I did exactly. Will fix up today.


Started on the cold side pipes, battery  relocation and welded the BOV v band flange.


Used some more nutserts for the battery tray.



Had a little argument with the 3” 90’ to throttle body. Also had to trim it a little. I found using the hose clamp around the silicone joiner tightened slightly to use as a guide and straight edge for the Stanley knife blade made cutting it easy and neat.


Then onto the hot side








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