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22 hours ago, D4N said:

Good purchase. How did they clean up? 

Haven’t finished giving them a real good clean yet. Gave them a quick scrub with truck wash then run out of time. Mrs was due home any minute so quickly packed it up and stored away for the moment to avoid any unnecessary questions.

ill try and clean up better tomorrow and get some better pictures of the fronts.


Further updates:

I might have missed out on the rear brembo deal with the same bloke. He’s a bit of a strange character.

anyways Ill know for sure come tomorrow. If I do manage to get the rears as well I think I might strip them all back completely and repaint myself in a candy colour. Thinking red, blue and flirting with white.

Undecided on what colour but definitely one of these:






I think white will be a pain to keep clean, though I do wash my car at least twice a month, sometimes more living out in the weather..


I have a backup purchase coming should the rear brakes definitely falls through. Come across a guy selling injector dynamics 1000cc. Aparently only 10000km old and never had e85 through them if that even matters?

I have him down to $550 delivered at this stage for Friday. Aparently they were on a fg and he says will suit b series? This I’m not certain about. Also looking at the pics they appear to me to be older than 10000km old. I would of thought they would look basically brand spanking new. 

What do you all reckon? Good deal or pass?

His pics he sent me:




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I wouldn't buy those injectors at that price, imho. you need extensions to get FG injectors to work a B-series.

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Ok cheers. I was a little doubtful over them. I did try him for $400’but he wasn’t keen. What is the difference between the b series and fg? Is it a different connector/plug?

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I just read your thread again Sam, it's good stuff mate and I noticed that I didn't answer your question about the exhaust. 


I bought the dump, cat and y pipe through Garage7 and I then spoke to George from Venom who helped out with advice etc. 


Jeturbo supplied me with the matching catback at a good price. 


All up was a tad under $1600.


You've probably got it all sorted by now but I figured a reply was in order anyway.  

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I have pieced together a exhaust already.

Ive a used 4” nizpro dump,new 4” ballistic cat with 5” body 100 cell and a used mild steel 3.5” xforce. I’m somwhere around $900 without all gaskets and need flanges for the cat.


I might try put some time in this week to fit the new diff bushes and while the car is jacked up on stands I could install the cat back exhaust for the moment. I would do the full exhaust but have read numerous times it’s not wise unless I’m ready for a tune which is some time away yet. Or would I get away with fitting the dump pipe but still using the standard cat as some form of restriction in the exhaust?

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The standard wastegate setup isn't great so it'll overboost if you floor it. 


You can install the lot of it but you'd have to control the boost to some degree with your right foot.


If you drive it hard every day then it's probably better to leave it stock for now. 

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Spewing I missed the rear brembos...

but anyways, I’ve got the more important front ones and they will be enough I’m sure.

I cleaned them up as much as I could care to today. I’ve decided I’m going to paint them anyway so will be sand blasting the original paint off. I left the colour choice up to my wife and she has come back with the candy green. #2 from that colour card chart I posted up earlier. So ordered that paint kit this arvo and will also be making up brembo stencils so I can paint the brembo logo on in black. 


The original paint is missing a lot of clear coat. Also checked and found the pistons and seals all appear to be fine but I think I’ll order new dust boots and seals anyway. They are 40mm and 44mm on both callipers.


Dust boots:

>20.4872.46 (40mm)

>20.4872.48 (44mm)



>05.5955.58 (40mm)

>05.5955.60 (44mm)


mandatory pics of current condition:








rotors and pads:





I can’t comment on what the RDA & ebc red stuff pads combination is like but I feel I might move these on anyway and buy new dba t3 rotors and matching dba xp pads.


For the front:


dba t3 (dba 42102s “355mm x 32mm”)



and dba pads to suit (db1935xp)



For the rears:


dba t3 (42108s “328mm x 26mm”)



Also I gave a thought to use the “SP” pads over the “XP” pads but not 100% sure just yet. The “XP” pads look very good all round according to that chart above..


Dba XP pads (db1675xp)

Dba SP pads (db1675sp)



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