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Diagnosing rough idle

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Its been a long time since I had my last xr6t (2004 BA MK2 bought new) but ive recently picked up a 2003 BA Ute(done 192k) as a bit of a project and im just going through everything and tidying it up. Ive been scouring the pages on info relating to rough idle once warm and ive attended to some of the obvious as they needed to be done anyway. I.e It has new plugs, injectors serviced (one was rooted) and throttle body cleaned.


Its thrown out the codes as pictured (I think the first two have now been cleared after the service) which leads up to believe the timing chain is stretched and throwing out the vct. Would we be right in assuming so?


There is no engine light on.





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I would have to dig around for it but I believe there was a firmware update for BA's back in the day.  The VCT & soliniods could get a little gummy pushing the timing out so I think they programmed in a purge once the engine started to prevent them sticking? I think that was something like the story anyway, I stand to be corrected on that.   The connectors on the VCT are also brittle as hell so they may be broken & shorting a bit.

As for the rich/lean?  Bad o2, vac leak, intake gasket? But if a service cleared them I would focus on the VCT issue and check back re the tune

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