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Clutch options 320rwkw

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Hey all 

probably been asked before , but looking for a decent clutch kit for my 2004 ba xr6t 

converted T5 to T56 .

ive got 320rwkw with 602nm it’s my daily driver so don’t need anything super crazy , I’m not looking for anymore power just a reliable clutch 


I was looking at the Xtreme heavy duty clutch kit or the Mantic Heavy duty twin plate .


Anyone have opinions on either of these to kits ?a lot of people will say malwood clutch but not looking at spending that amount of cash 


cheers for the responses 

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Has used the mantic, may have some feedback on it.


I'm sure the Xtreme is a cheaper option though. Pretty happy with my twin plate ceramic but that wouldn't be what your after, they do a twin plate organic which may suit depending how you drive it.

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Yea Xtreme is the cheaper option an have had some good feedback but the mantic is a twin plate and about $200-$300 more which is fine just seeing what people have to say about both 


I drive it everyday , don’t mind giving it a bit when I can , 

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If its a daily stay with organic plates. What is your goal power , or is 320 max? Twin plate organic would be good if its not to expensive. Or a big single plate.


Just remember you cant beat the crap out of organic plates, once severely overheated their performance will suffer and wont be the same as when new.


Ceramic on the other hand , can take a beating and once it cools down its the same as before. BUT, difficult to drive in traffic.


I dont drive my F6 in stop, start traffic, its just to difficult. But my clutch is rated to 600rwkw.

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450rwkw in my 0.5 daily, regular trips in heavy traffic. Have been using a single plate organic as its the nicest on the street - had the expectation that I would need to change it like tyres or brake pads, but amazingly has lasted over 20k kms so far.

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So went with the Mantic Clutch yes 2years ago now but back in the shop after the slave cylinder died on it an contaminated the clutch plates so now in getting another clutch in it. 

going to be putting in the exedy Devil clutch kit any one had any experience with these 



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