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FG XR6t - why is the high pressure power steering hose such a clusterf**k?

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High pressure power steering hoses are a common failure on many cars, after changing mine today made me curious why the FG XR6t has such a complex abomination of a power steering hose?


Three high pressure hydraulic hoses, six high pressure fittings for the supply side. Looks like it could easily be re-engineered as a single high pressure hose with two fittings. Also a crimped fitting on the return side 10cm from the attachment of the power steering cooler.


Does anyone know why it's got so many parts to it for seemingly no reason?


Here's a photo of one https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Power-Steering-Hose-Fits-Ford-Falcon-FG-4-0L-6Cyl-XR6-Turbo-06-08-11-11-Ser-1/272977004738

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why is the diff bush the most common point of failure?


same reason, probably; ultimately bottom line $$ outweighs the design principles of engineers... so corners are cut from an engineering point of view.

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I'd like to agree, but this absolutely isn't cutting corners. There's has to be a very good reason but I have no idea what.


Such a complex contraption is adding a couple of hundred dollars per car. Making it harder to assemble. Costing much more in raw materials. Adding 3x more failure points. Even by the factory stage, it would be far cheaper to scrap a years inventory and redesign it to single high pressure flex than continue using this monstrosity.

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