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Strange shudder

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Hey guys I've been doing quite a bit of research but can't seem to find any answers for my problem.

I have a 2010 XR6 Turbo ute with 62000 kilometres. When I drive it in the morning or when it's cold I get a strange shudder through the car at low revs which does get a little better as the car warms up. If I accelerate the slightest bit whilst going up a slight incline the shudder gets worse. Also this shudder happens as the revs drop slightly as you can see in the video. It started happening about a year ago but was not bad at all but it is progressively got worse. I was thinking something to do with the driveshaft bearing or something else to do with the driveshaft?

I have a video but can't figure out how to put it up if someone could tell me how to I have a Samsung Galaxy 8

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well, if you don't have an YouTube account, create one and upload it there and then paste the "share" link for the video directly into the reply box here, then the forum will "embed" it properly for you :spoton::Welcome2FordXR6t:


It sounds like it's a problem with your tailshaft center bearing, but it's hard to diagnose accurately with the description you've given.

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That's normal.


The torque converter lock up clutch (TCC) is designed to slip a tiny bit for smoothness and nearly the best fuel economy. The computers are trying to balance the slip, they apply the clutch a bit too much and you have practically direct drive harshness (like putting a manual in fifth gear at 60km/h and flooring it, you'll feel the buzzing through the chassis as you're seeing there), then realizing the engine should be spinning a tiny bit faster than the auto input shaft and backing off the pressure on the clutch to allow a bit of slip.


It usually goes away when it warms up.


It can also be a symptom a a split rubber bush in the auto letting out fluid pressure at low RPM. It's unlikely to cause a failure, but it's annoying until it warms up.


Try changing the auto fluid. Do it properly. My favorite method is to cannibalize a plastic sump by cutting off the oil pickup and drilling right through and putting a pipe below so the auto can suck fresh fluid from a container and flush the torque converter properly which needs about 8-10 liters, unlike how most auto trans specialists just dump the sump and refill 3-4 liters.

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