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ba xr6t road to 500+rwkw

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heya all after running 585 at the wheels through my btr 4 speed I decided its time to get a more serious gearbox and actually get my setup working.

this weekend ive just done a t56 conversion. fitted an xtrreme twin plate, malwood short shifter, malwood heavy duty ally master cylinder and clutch hose. I just gotta change my centre bearing as the donor had a different tailshaft centre bearing.I must say its a very straight forward conversion even in regards to modifying the auto harness for start and reverse lights. the car is due to be tuned in the next coming weeks. expecting around 700-800rwhp on 24-28psi.


2002 Ba XR6 Turbo
320rwkw @16psi (old tune)

437rwkw @22psi 1263nm of torque (current)

T56 Conversion tune coming soon

CrowCam Heavy Duty Valve Springs and Retainers

Mahle Forged Pistons (20" Oversize)

Scat Forged H beam Rods

Billet Oil Pump gears

ACL Race series bearings

MLSR Head Gasket

ARP Head Studs

Precision 6766 1.00AR

6Boost Hightmount Manifold

Bosch 1600ccc Injectors

Plazmaman 044 Twin Surge Tank

Plazmaman Fuel Rail

Turbosmart 2000 Fuel Pressure regulator

Plazmaman Plenum

Custom intercooler piping

Turbo Smart 50mm External Wastegate

6Boost High mount manifold

Freshly setup head including new valve steam oil seals, valve guides etc

Battery relocation to rear


Plazmaman 1200hp tube and fin intercooler
Plazmaman full intercooler piping
Plazmaman cold air intake

52mm Heavy Duty Alloy Radiator
Custom Dump pipe
Xforce 3.5inch hiflow cat stainless
Xforce 3.5inch cat back stainless
Walbro intake fuel pump
Sct x3 flash tuner
Tremec T56

Xtreme race series twin plate

Malwood ulimate short shifter

Malwood heavy duty ally master cylinder

Malwood braided clutch hose
Whiteline 30mm adjustable sway bar with adjustable links
Whiteline 22mm adjustable sway bar with adjustable links
Xzy super sport coilovers
Nolathane differential bushes

4.11 Diff Gears

Fullspool diff center
Protex street slotted and cross drilled front rotors
Protex street slotted and cross drilled rear rotors
Trw pads all round
King wheel evolve 20x8.5 front 20x10 rear
225x35x20 front 275x35x20 rear
20% window tint
8000k hid kit
Alpine cda137ebt head unit
Alpine mrf600 4 channel
Alpine mrx m240 monoblock
2 x Rockford Fosgate T2D212

Soundstream 40 FARAD capacitor
Sound stream ported box
Stinger 0 gauge wiring
Rockford fosgate T3169S
Rockford fosgate T169


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sweet lookin' vehicle, buddy :spoton::icon_ford:


nice work on the manual conversion :) now it'll be slower, but more fun to drive. :P

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The Precision is going well, that 430 graph previous was a tryre frying set up though 


did you havea graph for the 500 plus and the BTR ? 

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well im limited now to my rear housing so the plan is to get a 1.15 ar in the future then more boost. still got 15% in the injectors but I reckon id replace them. its a journal bearing mate



im not to concerned about the high reving its a big motor so 6k is plenty. with a new 1.15ar rear housing and 30+ boost itll prolly go low 900s

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The power is there and along with it comes a lot more engine wear. This is the joy of an undersquare engine.


If anyone is interested, look up a piston speed calculator and see what our engines do.

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You'll love some extra rpm with the manual. Mine at 6k limiter is sh*t allways smashing it and ends up hitting it at 3/4 track at the drags. I lifted it to 7000rpm at drags and never turned it back would go higher but stock motor so don't wanna get to gready. If I had a built motor in it then it would be set at 8000rpm.. more revs the better.


Any plans to run this at the plex some time? Would be keen to come see how it goes.

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