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2018 Tassie Cruise - 08/03-13/03 (All states)

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TAS Labour Day Weekend Cruise 2018 8/03/18-13/03/18 (9th-12th in Tassie)

This thread is a work in progress at the moment – better to get it up to give as much notice/time for those interested to plan towards. Suggestions and local knowledge would be greatly appreciated. Pictures, links, maps and more details to come.


Time again for us to be running a cruise in Tasmania – those who have been round the apple isle are itching to get back; those who haven’t owe it to themselves to do it at least once.


The March Long weekend (Vic, SA, ACT, Tas) is proposed as it gives as many the chance to need to take as little time off work/responsibilities as possible, while still giving us at least the minimum time required to see (at least) a respectable amount of what Tasmania has to offer – it does, honestly have the best roads in the world (weather permitting). Melbourne and Tasmania based attendees may need one day off. Other states may need to plan for an extra day at each end.


This cruise also tries to fit in some “Touristy Stuff” as well  – if consensus is that that time would be better spent using our rubber instead of our eyes/wallets then it is definitely subject to change.


Updates will be posted in this first post and the itinerary may change over time as necessary - so please check back regularly on this first post


small blank DSC_8081.jpg







Thursday Evening 8th March (Melbourne Depart)/Friday 9th Morning Devonport

Monday 12th Evening (Devonport)/Tuesday Morning 13th March (Melbourne Arrive)

It will be possible to join/leave the group at any time if your travel/work commitments demand different nights travel on the boat. Extending the time away to see more of the island is also possible/recommended.



It's Tassie - some of the best roads in the world

No need to say more, but details will be added as they come clear.

We'll be doing an anti-clockwise circuit - focusing on coasts with a fair few inland excursions along the way.




Thursday evening we get on the boat - Tuesday morning we get off (08/03/2018 - 13/03/2018)




Carpark at the dock works well.

1st car on seems to be last car off, the queues to get on are long, but boarding near the end seems to make the morning disembarking a lot better (last on, first off)




(subject to change, depending on interest shown)


Spirit of Tasmania Thurs and Mon nights - prices TBA - will chase up specials - current prices are not pretty

Friday: Strachan - TBA

Sat: Hobart - TBA

Sunday: Bichino - TBA




A fair bit of fuel will be required for the drive during the 4 days. Please ensure you are topped at the meet points and have enough fuel to complete the legs (so best to fuel up when others do). 


We will try to drive to places with 98 RON but that is not always available off the main North-South route that joins Launceston to Hobart.  

E85 is pretty rare outside of Hobart or Launceston so suggest not use it.  LPG will not be that common as well.


Shall provide more details on the service stations at along the route.



Mandatory to have a UHF 40 channel CB Radio to keep across road hazards and general chatter. We have a few CBs for free loan on the cruise if anyone is interested - just PM EvilDaifu or Rab to reserve one.


Camera for the photo opps and the views.




Warm clothes - though it's March, it's still several degrees cooler down south in Tassie.


Bucket, sponge and some car wash liquid if you want to keep your car shiny for photo opps.


3M clear contact tape (from auto stores) for your bonnet lips and maybe fog lights to protect against stone chips and cracks. Cro did a write up about it on the forum. Or just buy the foggie protectors off eBay. Worth it - I've cracked both of mine on different past cruises.


If you have an edit - bring your flash boxes in case you need it


Spare car keys (how many times have guys locked their keys in their car on cruises 


1. Obey all laws whilst on the cruise; this means no speeding, no overtaking over double lines (no matter how safe you think it may be), etc...

2. There is a designated cruise leader who will lead the way and set the correct pace for all cruise members.

3. Use the Buddy system - always make sure you can see the car behind you. This will give people behind you an indication on where to turn to make sure nobody gets lost.

4. CB Radios - if you don't have one, follow the maps and directions given out. It is highly recommended to have CB as it enhances the enjoyment of the cruise being able to hear about road hazards and join in on the social chatter.

5. Please turn up to the meeting points with a sufficient fuel in your tank and enough time before the departure time.

6. Onus is on the owner/driver to ensure their vehicle is safe to drive on public roads and meets State road traffic authority laws.

7. Please ensure you have a contingency plan if you have a breakdown or unnecessarily delayed. e.g. Roadside Assistance or a mate in another car who is willing to stay with you if necessary.

8. This cruise is not to be advertised on any other media or websites or social media sites without prior agreement from the cruise organisers.

9. By attending this cruise you agree not to hold FordXR6Turbo.com, it's Administrators, Moderators, Cruise Controllers, or Owner responsible / liable for any damage and / or grief sustained (simply; you are responsible for your own actions).



RACT ph 13 27 22

Police ph 000

Ambulance ph 000

Fire ph 000


Roads Hazard


Tow Trucks





@Rab (Vic)

@k31th (Vic)

@EvilDaifu (Vic)

@YLD127 (ACT)



Rabs step-son - HSV Ute - (Vic)



So post up below if you're coming or would like to come - it's a good way to meet your fellow FordXR6Turbo.com enthusiasts and enjoy the rush of rumbling through in a line of XR's


Also, please ensure you have a contingency plan if you have a breakdown - like a mate who is willing to stay with you and/or give you lift home if necessary and/or RAC etc Roadside Assistance. And it might be a good thing not to have anything important to do on Tuesday just in case you need that extra day to get home for some reason.

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About to book accomodation.  Will post up so others can books same places as discussed with Rab (optional).  The towns/cities in order proposed are Strahan, Hobart and Bicheno.  C'mon guys - the roads in Tassie are some of the best in the world in my opinion - so post up if interested in joining us :thumbsup:

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Am going to give Spirit a call Monday and see if there's anything they can offer to sweeten the price for the group.

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Spoke to Spirit - need a minimum of 15 people coming before they will do any deals on bookings.


Doubt we'll get the numbers, so feel free to book when convenient.

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Anyone got any "wish list" or recommended activity/sight/pub/attraction/brewery/restaurant/museum/road/convict/hairdresser/cousinuncledaddy we should make sure we get to while over there?

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Seafood somewhere in Hobart. 

Lark whisky Distillery in Hobart. 

Cascade Brewery in Hobart. 

Boags Brewery in Launceston. 

Hold on - sounds a bit like a pub crawl :omg:


Would actually like to set foot inside Cradle Mountain / Lake St Clair National Park one day when I'm over there instead of seeing it from a distance :roflmbo:


I'm about to book ship and Strahan/Hobart accommodation - will let you know what I've booked.  Better get crackin on that - did a trial booking with YLD and got a real shock when could not book a 4 cabin berth cabin until I realised I chosen the wrong date to depart :bangcomputer:

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Have just made my ship and accomodation bookings :bliss: 


Spirit of Tassie - Melbourne to Devonport return - 4 berth inside cabin and 1 car for $820 return.

Depart Melbourne Thu 8 Mar 7:30pm (night sailing)

Depart Devonport Mon 12 Mar 7:30pm (night sailing) 

I think at this stage - YLD127 and myself are bunking together in the 4 berth cabin.  Have room for 2 others but word of warning - apparently I snore like a bulldozer.  For those bunking in a cabin - I think you can just purchase a $0 recliner and stay in the cabin - on previous trips there was linen and towels for 4 people per 4 berth cabin.


Fri 9 Mar - Strahan

Strahan Village (in centre of town)

$125 per night (with free cancellation until 6 Mar)


Sat 10 Mar - Hobart

St Ive's Motel Apartment (500m from Salamanca Place)

$176 per night (with free cancellation until 7 Mar)

BUT I just noticed it was all booked out :omg: so get onto it guys.

My other suggestion for Hobart was Portsea Place (closer in 250m from Salamanca Place but little old school)

$180 per night and unfortunately no cancellation period (which is why I didn't go for it).

Could also try that old favourite nugget - The Welcome Stranger (k31th stayed there last year).

$119 but only 1 room left ...


Sun 11 Mar - east coast with place organised by YLD127 (thanks mate :thumbsup: )

Just bring sleeping bag and own towels.


Get crackin guys - I can see it becoming more challenging to get accomodation in Hobart for that long Labour Day Weekend as time goes by :beerchug:

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All good. My leave is approved and have booked the boat. I'm also going to stay an extra day.

I will depart Melbourne Thu 8 Mar 7:30pm and will now return from Devonport on Tue 13 Mar 7:30pm (night sailing).

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Good one YLD :thumbsup: 


Been looking at what we could do on Day 3 and Day 4.


Day 3 I'm thinking Freycinet and Wine Glass Bay for a walk to the peak?

Day 4 take it a bit easy and fit in wet whilstle stop (no tour - its a bit exxy for what it is in my opinion)  Boags Brewery Launceston before heading for the boat?

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Sup doods?!


Here is a website that shows you where various marine vessels are. I'm not sure how long this particular link will be valid but it is showing where the Spirit of Tasmania is. You just click on "Show on live map" and you can see where it is. Cool huh?!

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If anyone is thinking of coming along but not sure - please feel free to PM Rab or I.  Can help answer any questions you may have.  


Also guys - need to get a move on in particular with booking ship and accomodation more so for this cruise as its the VIC Labour Day long weekend and Tassie is a popular holiday desty :thumbsup:

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bro... bring the little tacker along (depending on age). It's an epic trip


I really should book my stuff... been lazy/busy haha

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50 minutes ago, El Andrew said:

Little tacker's 5th birthday

8 minutes ago, k31th said:

 bring the little tacker along (depending on age)

How old is he turning?


8 minutes ago, k31th said:

I really should book my stuff... been lazy/busy haha

Really the boat/car is the main thing to get out of the way

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I'd have to talk him out of the beach camping trip first. Anyway, when the roads get twisty and I get enthusiastic he is worse than a Megane driver on a Snowys cruise...

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