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Tyre Size and Offset Help for 18s on FG Ute

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Have looked through so many of the wheel threads but cant seem to find a lot of FG ute guys running 18s of similar sizes.


I am looking at the Koya SF01 - 18x9 +15 fronts and 18x10 +10 rears


As I'm wanting a higher tyre profile to fill the guards out, wondering if anyone knows if a 245/45r18 tyre would fit on the front with these rim specs? If not would a 235/45 be more suitable as it would have more stretch? I know the suspension bolts are close and what not, just not sure how close.


Also looking at running a 275/40 tyre on the rear, will +10 offset fit in without any guard work? is there a more suitable option that will fill the guard as much as possible?


Any help appreciated!

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well I tried 17x10s +15 on the rear of my fg ute and the rim sat just outside the guard. for that heckticness maybe what kids like these days but looked effin stoopid. 


offsets does my head in and working them out so that's all I can offer ya hahah.  

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Fronts a 245/40 or a 255/40 on 18x9+25 will fit. Shouldn't need guard work unless your stupid low.

Rears a 285/35 or 295/35 on 18x10+35 would be as flush as you can go without rolling or trimming the guards turned in lip.

Speedo will be around 1-1.7% out with those sizes according to the interwebs.

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