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The PussyWagon is in the 400 Club finally

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Had the Turbo Taxi returned Yesterday @ Profile and the end result was 415Killerwasps at the rear wheels so am happy with the final result using a Chinese turbo and some ebay bits doing most of it DIY. This is using Eflex which has been pretty constant @ 77% Ethanol over the last few months

I am happy with how it drives and performed. I swapped the Actuator spring to 8PSI one from 12PSI this helped keep the boost creep in check and now it is holding at approx 21PSI but has made it a little laggier with the boost coming on a tad slower vs the 12psi spring. I actually prefer how this feels/drives personally as I can drive around off boost mostly not having to give up my first born to pay for the fuel bills and giving it some stick when the moment arises still.

Unlike some others I don't mind posting what it cost me so here is the final list of mods/prices is ( all is delivered costs with what it cost me at the time) :

Mamba 3582 Turbo ($1000 - Ebay )
2nd hand Devils Own Water injection kit ($250 - ebay )
AutoTechnia Intercooler and piping ( Ebay $520 )
New Drop-in 3.9BAr Fuel regulator-- KPM Motorsports $180
Walbro 460 in tank pump -- Intune motorsport $239
SCT x4 -- Chiptorq $900
Raceworks / Bosh 1000cc Injectors -- $500 -- ebay
Muffler delete kit -- intune motorsports -- $99
K&N Pod Filter -- Super cheap auto $40
Home made head shield for POD Filter in factory airbox location -- $20
Throttle Body replacement pipe -- intune motorsport -- $115
100 cell MEtail 4" Cat -- Ebay -- $100
4" Turbo Down Pipe $340
Custom Exhaust work ( delete middle muffler and fit above parts ) $360 from local exhaust shop
Atomic Valve Springs -- $950 -- supplied + fit Profile
Custom Dyno Tune on Eflex -- Profile $850
Re Tune from Profile -- $150

Not a performance mod for power but
Whiteline Front + Rear sway bars --$480 -- ebay

Well that's it for engine performance mods now to give it a 2 tone paint job and fix/paint the interior Here is a current pic before I get to modding. I am also going to change the springs / shocks + do a full bush kit using super pro bushes for the whole car in the near future as the read diff bush is starting to go.  Here are some Glory shots:




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thanks ive been lurking here for a while looking at mods / guides/ ideas on what to do.  I am happy with the power it is making, I will be doing all bushes soon with SuperPro as teh diff is starting to go.


im still looking but for external styling now need more thant just 1 awesome sticker ( it adds at least 30RWKW)

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11 minutes ago, arronm said:

Not even a wagon, just sedan...................


Wagons come in all shapes and sizes, just ask me. :fish:

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I take it that this is an auto yeah? It sounds like you might actually have a manual.

If an auto, then think about getting the OEM tranny cooler swapped out for an aftermarket one.


If manual I would seriously have considered getting the oil pump gears done.

I thought I would risk it, but I have hit the limiter once by accident for a split second. Got me worried heaps.

The problem is that with a 3576, it spools up so fast. The revs just jump for the sky and before you know it the limiter has kicked in especially in first gear.


Anyways carry on.

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uhhhhh.... ^^^^^ that aint stripes posting. @.Stripes. don't have a ford.


No worries about the pump gears. just remember that once those gears go, there is nothing from stopping that rod or piston from coming out the side.. :P


in regards to the tranny cooler, have you still got the oem on or an aftermarket one?

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