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Fuel gauge issues

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Just seeing if anyone had any input, did some searching, found a couple of people with the same/similar issue, but never resolved and the threads were a few years old. Im pretty certain the fuel level sender is dead, but wondering if there's another issue.



BA MKII XR6 turbo, gauge reads empty, even though tank is full. Consequently, DTE also reads 0.


Happened monday night, Car sat for 2 weeks prior with 3/4 of a tank still in it, fixed a few issues and did an end to end service, on way to cruise meet, buzzer chimed, lights came on, gauge shows tank empty/DTE 0. Went to petrol station just in case, took 20 litres or so, but still empty/DTE 0


Remove fueses 27 and 29 to reset the instruments, gauge works again, but drops back to empty and DTE to 0 with in 30 seconds or so. SCT X3 shows no error codes etc.


Ill purchase a new fuel level sender, but probably wont be here for a bit due to christmas/new year etc.


Just seeing if there's another issue, or I've missed something/havent thought or looked at something etc, or if the sender has simply shat itself, and I just need to replace it.





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I suspected as much. They're not expensive to replace, so Ill go ahead and order one and get that underway.


I only asked as there was the exact same issue as this, he replaced the sender, issue was still there, was told to reset the fuses and that was the last post.

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OK, so I was given another sender unit to try first, installed it yesterday, and it read 1/4 tank. Tank had about 40l in it, after I drained 20 or so out (tank was full)


Filled the tank again and it didn't move at all. Stuck on 1/4 tank


Reset instruments both times.




So, this morning, I drained the tank..... again, and installed the old sender unit. Tank now reads full the whole time. DTE is at max. Tank is only half full.


Reset instruments every time I make a change.




Any ideas what could be happening now? Both sender units Cactus? But old sender unit is now reading full the whole time?



I don't want to buy an aftermarket new one, or bite the bullet and buy a genuine ford one, if its not actually the sender unit.




Driving me a but nuts TBH...

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and the original sender just started reading zero again, so swapped in the one I got given, and now that's stuck at HALF. not 1/4 like before.


Should have used the 20 litres to burn it instead.  :wild:

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Any updates?

Mines constantly reading full, I think the fuel level float might just be stuck after sitting for a few months with a full tank? 
bit daunting because it’s on E85 now and I don’t know how much fuel I have lol 😬

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