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G6E Turbo replacement????

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You'll get there mate. Keep asking questions. 

I reckon you guys should come down my way. 

Pretty sure the local car community here has something planned for the long weekend. 

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In the spirit of continuing this thread of my learnings time for a minor update. I went to Sydney powercruise in feb and had a ball for a few laps until my wastegate started jamming open leaving me with basically zero boost under 4500 then boosting up to like 14 psi. Laggiest car ever! 


so I started down the path of an external gate.


Trying to not spend a heap, as most f stories start, I bought a used 50mm turbosmart progate off gumtree for 200. it came with only half the flanges and vbands so bought some genuine turbosmart parts to finish it off. Added up an extra 100.


Then got a friend of a friend to fab up my old ford rear housing with the needed flanges and a pipe etc , done for a great price by a top bloke.


fitted it all yesterday and did some runs with mechanical only boost control , it was only boosting to around 7-8psi. So turns out it's a 7psi spring and the wastegate is obviously doing a heaps better job of bleeding boost then the internal ever did.


Re enabled the ford factory boost control and it's all good boosting to 19psi. Still getting the wgdc set right so I can turn off closed loop boost control but it's pulling hard and controlling boost really well. 








Oh btw the old mamba housing seems to jam and it's not anything catching, it appears to be the flapper arm binding on itself!!!!

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Sound coming soon!! Going to get it plumbed back soon because its going to become known very quickly if I leave it like it is. 





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Looks like he's still using the front half of it though. Providing the rest of it doesn't fark out in record time it still might not be a bad choice.


@molch Can you do some checking of the farked bit and maybe post a pic or two? The more info we have the better.

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On 03/09/2016 at 12:30 PM, molch said:

Turbo is back out. for this interested here are the exhaust housings side by side.




When I went through my na to turbo conversion, I orgionally ditched the stock ford rear housing and put a Mamba 1.05 v band ex gate rear housing on it.

The car would come onto boost hard and fast, but not hold a constant boost curve even with a 45mm turbosmart ex gate.

it would be 12psi midrange and 6psi toward redline, it just kept blowing the gate open.


placing the mamba housing next to a genuine garret housing you could see it looked more similar in size to a .84 garret spec housing. 


we placed a genuine garret 1.06 rear housing on the car, an it spooled like a stock barra would and held a solid boost line, as you would expect it to.


looking at your picture (and yes I know this is an old af thread) it looks like your mamba's smaller than the ford housing where the turbine flow is and put you int he same boat as I was in with the hard to control boost.

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