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Show us your PC and/or Gaming setup


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I unplugged all the lighting/RGB stuff and left the machine on. Will be running 24/7 for this swing while at work. I left it mining to help pay the bill. I am impressed at what the card is doing and it has only been running over night and not overclocked.

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ok well my pc is dying, blue screen of death...dpc watchdog violation 


ffs, have googled all the fixes and not working, now my mouse will move but not click. everything works in safe mode. 


getting effin over it so now looking to start a new pc. 


I have contemplated building my own, but never done it before and have nfi. I usually just go to msy etc and tell them what I want and let them do it. 


pre built and who from ? msy, ple, scorptec, centrecom etc or gather parts and try myself? 

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