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Pedders Extreme XA Coilovers

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39 minutes ago, JETURBO said:

...and this is an area Brian from shockworks...


You mean Brett, right?...


I'm with JET though, I've experienced various setups in Falcons and from a street car perspective the Shockworks setup is by far the best. Even on the track, the Shockworks gave the car more traction and predictability than the Teins...the Teins were noticeably more bouncy and unsettled easier, which is similar to the experience I've had with the XA coilovers in my 'Onda.

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Shockworks are king for coilovers for our car's ( imho )

bilsteins are king of shocks for our car's ( imho )


do you want coilovers or shock/springs ?


installed both and both are brilliant at what they are intended to do  

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Just an update... Emailed Brett from Shockworks... BA-BF Coilovers are $2200... Delivery to Syd West is $60... Sounds like a value upgrade. 

Question... Currently have Pedders generic red urethane front lower control arm bushes ... Harsh as... Was thinking of a change to super-pro? Any other recommendations? 

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