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On 27/10/2020 at 6:51 PM, biddie_fiddler said:

@GAS41T Jealousy is a bad trait to have bro... XD


This is a community forum and you're under the "off topic" section of it, what did you think was gonna come up here 🤣

Jealousy Wow

I own my one home 

I got an Xy Fairmont which I’ve fitted a Barra 

I got an FG turbo 

but wait for it I got an rx3 

I came from gov housing...worked my ass off for this...

Now the issue is the fact people post topics an all you people that bit at my comment don’t comment on posts..So as I have worked out there is a small group that are the community on this forum that only communicate to each other ...I don’t have a problem with that but I ain’t jealous my friend ....no need to comment back enjoy your forum guys an girls...

thanks Keith for your comments in the past seems your all alone in this forum as your the only person to comment or encourage people to post on here ....


anyways enjoy your house building forum “better homes & gardens “ 

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Anybody is welcome to "join" in the community, even if people are a bit nasty in their welcome, it's just the way the regulars around here are :) sorta like mates, we jibe each other plenty and it rubs off a bit on others who come along.


We love your posts and we would welcome you to share any further percentage of your life in other parts of this forum such as this one. You can choose the percentage, though.

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Don't worry about it mate, it's not that much of a problem. It's hard to communicate over the internet sometimes and sometimes we all forget that.


Doesn't matter, coupla weeks etc etc


Haha salty, I love me some salt on my cooking :chefburn:

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