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2 week since we've moved in, slowly getting there and still unpacking boxes.   Entry area up to main living space, down to the garage     Kitchen  with new dining ta

Got through council approval for the patio today Settlement was supposed to be scheduled for the next business day (I.e. tomorrow), but for some reason the sellers bank won't be ready...they're hopin

Haven't updated for a while but I'll try remember what has happened 22nd July we had our final inspection, was really happy with the way the house was finished, only a small list of defects on the i

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Heh current :electricshock:


Yerp I spose you're right too cos it is free power whether or not the system was paid for. Haha I've been hanging out with my pedantic 8yo too much obviously :rolleyes:

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I want free power!!! SA is legit the biggest rip off for power consumption charges.


In other news... I have cabinetry starting to be installed 😬 #wideon 



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Looks a bit different now. Kicks go down tomorrow morning for the cabinets and then I lay the bamboo floor over the weekend. Doing most of the house with it, so will see how far I get! 43657ea5c65a2920826f9087fd154751.jpg44b46dd40a97846b8fbc1b235a796ba8.jpg8023ae9470fd3960301f7f207e4e53d1.jpgee3259114a90a10182b7d7651cccd1c0.jpg

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Laid the bamboo floor in the dining, kitchen and laundry on Saturday. Stopped there as I figured I should wait until the kitchen work is finished to reduce the risk of damage in the hallway.

Plus once everything is back in the kitchen I'll have more space in the house to shuffle furniture to lay the lounge and kids rooms.f677aa524bada4b1eb93ce0c6a4d12dd.jpg

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New fence down one side of my place done, took a week to do solo, not including the 2yrs of putting it off.
Still 6 or so truck loads of clearing the other side of the block till I can do it too. 3125efa2869c34ddc1a338a31355661f.jpg082c244d18a64e9ecba70cac0f6d3751.jpg

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Well the fluffy love palace has been ticking along...


Doors, upstairs skirtings, architraves and all second fix carpentry is almost done... 





Cabinetry first fix is almost done... 

the laundry has some cool tricks, pop out ironing board styles :) 






I had all the fencing replaced including under fence plinths for retaining ... 




Tiler has started all the screed and prep work... 







Then... much to j@s disgust... I made a dramatic change... pink feature tiles in the ensuite and downstairs WC on the vanity wall which will look like this: 



so in essence: 

- white wall tiles 

- pink vertically laid tiles on feature vanity wall 

- Grey marble floor tile 

- gold tapwear 

- black shaker 2 pack cabinetry 

- white stone bench top 




My brush gold fixtures arrived today for the bathrooms.. I’m super stoked.

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On 02/12/2020 at 6:01 PM, Admin (as if) said:

looking sweet as fluff doing well, dont listen to jet you do you hahah


Instantly thought of this 😂




House is looking good, Fluff! Looking forward to seeing the end result.

Edited by .Stripes.
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Thanks stripes.... how’s your place? 

I wasn’t so happy when I had to load up 15x 17kg boxes of the tiles and drop them to the tiler ... thank goodness j@ helped me unload them coz I was knackered 😂😂😂 #unfitlife 

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Haven't really done much at my place for a while, anything I'd need/want to do now will end up being expensive projects...so they can wait haha.


Haha, time for some posts in the weights thread? 

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