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Possible To Utilise The Blank Button On Steering Wheel Controls?

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Just wondering if anyone has tried modifying the steering wheel buttons to gain usage of the blank button underneath the cruise control? Is this button even used for anything in any other Ford models?

I'm thinking maybe it is possible to fit some sort of spring loaded tactile switch (as is probably used in the other buttons) but I haven't got a spare set to play around with.

It would be handy to have as a push button switch for my intercooler spray etc, as there's nowhere on the FG dash to place aftermarket switches without them looking out of place.


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Thanks to the other forum.... "That's the Ford Sync Voice control button FGII buttons." and

Is it a mute button?

yes it is, that's a Territory interior and the button mutes everything except the GPS.


NFI for the other questions re: intercooler spray button...

FYI I have a set of standard black buttons like your picture if you need to buy a set ;) (search "fg steering wheel buttons" in Perth on gumtree)... good luck dude!

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