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Mad Max Fury Road - Dinner And Hoyts Cinema Frankston - Date Sat 13 Ju


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Dinner (and possible mini Cruise) to see Mad Max Fury Road at Hoyts Cinema in Frankston

Sat 13 Jun


Dinner in Frankston 6pm at Bobo's Diner

435 Nepean Hwy.
Frankston, 3199
Ph 03 8765 2499

Friendly service and great tasting food is what American Diners are famous for. Bobo’s Diner is no exception with a mouth-watering menu serving the classic dishes of Wings, slow cooked Pork Ribs, Hamburgers, southern style Fried Chicken and Dogs that will blow your mind. Not to mention our Mini Bobo's menu for the kids, and a range of cocktails and desserts that will have the whole family coming back for more.

Parking at dinner venue:

Should be enough random spots at 6pm. Earlier/later it would be hit or miss. There's a carpark too just round the corner if needed.

Either side of the hwy between Beach Street and Wells Street, or any of the side streets on the restaurant side -

Underground carpark is at corner of Olsen and Ross Smith (200m from restaurant).

Turn left into Wells Street (after restaurant) then next left again into Keys Street (which ends at the Olsen/.Ross Smith carpark). Any parks along there should be fine.

Fair few loading zones along there too, which are usually empty - even after the time allows them to be used

Then Hoyts at 21 Wells St, Frankston for Mad Max Fury Road starting at 9:10pm (short walk from Bobo's)
Cost is about $18 per Adult.
Depending on weather and what time we decide to leave the dinner venue - we may take Rab's secret way route around the Peninsula ... :drivingalong: or we may just say farrk it and have some beers before the movie :beerchug:




Behind the Scenes

Since we are cruising a short distance - forum rules apply.

1. Obey all laws whilst on the cruise; this means no speeding, no overtaking over double lines (no matter how safe you think it may be), etc...
2. There is a designated lead car who will lead the way and set the correct pace for all cruise members.
3. Use the Buddy system - always make sure you can see the car infront and behind you. This will give people behind you an indication on where to turn to make sure nobody gets lost.
4. CB Radios - if you don't have one, follow the maps and directions (if given out). It is highly recommended to have CB as it enhances the enjoyment of the cruise being able to hear about road hazards and join in on the general *cough* banter *cough*
5. Please turn up to the meeting points with a sufficient fuel in your tank and enough time before the departure time.
6. Onus is on the owner/driver to ensure their vehicle is safe to drive on public roads and meets State road traffic authority compliance laws.
7. Please ensure you have a contingency plan if you have a breakdown or unnecessarily delayed. e.g. Roadside Assistance or a mate in another car who is willing to stay with you/drive you home if necessary.
8. By attending this cruise you agree not to hold FordXR6Turbo.com, it's Administrators, Moderators, Cruise Controllers, or Owner responsible / liable for any damage and / or grief sustained (simply; you are responsible for your own actions).

Post up if interested :spoton:

Cruise List:
1. Rab and son
2. EvilDaifu

3. k31th (with his bro and his GT-F)

4. jaensch11


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First post!

Good movie.

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even though going to dromana is a fair hike for me

Have got a spare couch if you don't trust yourself to drive home after the movie gets the blood going :P

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