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My 2010 XR50T Ute

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Awesome build mate! Love the ute. Just read from start to finish. About 1-1/2 hrs later lol


Congrats on getting licence back. Was that from when you rushed your brother to hospital couple of years back?

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Decided it's time to get rid of the caltracs and leaf springs all together. Tried it without the caltracs and it still tramps even with the shockworks rear dampers. I've tried 2 different types of

Just a wee bit of poke....... Fronts will be right once rolled and camber is sorted. The rear rims sit flush with the guard but the pirrellis are pretty wide and I don't want to have the s

The rear end settled a bit so I gave all the suspension a once over. Tuned the rear dampers, plenty of adjustment with the QA1 dual adjustable dampers. Played with the ride height a bit and found ou

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Nah. Did a dumb last year after a cruise and got done 35 over, got lucky and it was reduced to 5 weeks back then. This time got done for points accumulated, lasted 7 months with 1 point then done a few ks over.
Fun times.... At least the pushbike got me fit again.

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Put some spacers in the back end.
Looks better. Might even drive better.
Goes alright with the odd work day too.
No front pics till new bonnet, current one has some decent clear peeling up, no good.

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4 hours ago, arronm said:

Looking good, gahye headlights though.....


But now that you mention it, rears are pretty Liberace as well.. Reminds me, I have fried rice for dinner....:stirthepot::stirthepot:



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Had the 4 link looked at this morning. Was hoping for a band-aid fix but nope, to make it work well it's going to need a watts link fabbed up to allow longer shocks to be used.

Headed over to Bargo to Savage Fiberglass to pickup my custom bonnet, has vents at the front and rear of the 'boss bulge'. Looks decent but no pics till it's painted next week.

Then got to race brakes Sydney to pickup a set of Brembo 6/4s with braided lines, DBA 5000 from ts and DBA 4000 rears.
Fitted then this arvo,, stops alright but will be better after I flush out the dot4 fluid with dot5.1 stuff.

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Should turn out pretty decent.


It's this bonnet which is actually from Savage Fiberglass not Sydney Special Vehicles. Has an added opening behind the bulge.


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