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My 2010 XR50T Ute

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Put some KMs on it, pretty sweet clutch. Was thinking time to throw it on the dyno again but regos coming up and it's time for tyres.

I'm over paying big for silly 335 rears as daily's so I'm keen on getting a set of Koya sf01, 18x10 fronts and 18x11 rears. Probably a stupid colour because they have a heap available.

And the good bit is I'll be running affordable atr sport 2s
265/35r18 and 305/30r18
All 4 tyres for just over the normal retail of one of the Pirelli 335s lol.

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Interesting, was just going cheap because daily driving it ATM. Have had them before and had no issues.

I'm only getting 6-8 weeks a set at the moment because they're super soft compounds, which it all that's available with the wide rears. Camber up front doesn't help much either.

Still looking though, gotta get that staggered set with front rear rolling diameter matched up to suit and be cheapish lol

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Measured for new wheels this arvo.


So going by what I currently have the fronts are 18x10 +12 with 285/35r18. They sit 18mm from the upright pretty much from the rim and up around the tyre edge.


Want to fit 18x10 +24 with 265/35r18. Should sit ~6mm from the arm but the tyres will taper in a bit quicker so I think they'll be ok.


Rears are easy, going from 18x12 +20 with 335/30r18 (has 10mm spacer so really +10) to an 18x11 +15 with 305/30r18. Will sit in 17mm so can throw the spacers back in later on.


They're the best I've come up with that work in the Koya SF01 with their offset range.


The fronts will be close to the upright and guards I'm thinking.

If I set the front to have no camber the current rim pokes about 10mm so it'll need the new tyres to taper in a bit which they should do being 265s.

Yes I know I'll lose 7-8mm clearance and the Speedo will be slightly off.

The only thing I'm waiting on is confirmation of whether the Koya SF01 will clear the brakes at those offsets.



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Well they'll clear the brakes.
Now the 10 day wait for them to show up.
Ordered them in tinted clear 2, which gives a light gunmetal sort of colour but shows the metal underneath the clear. The colour looks similar to the XR50 grey highlights from the pics I saw online.

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That's in my list to watch tonight already. His and the cleetus channel are great.

It's been done before, there's a turbo syclone over in the states with a magnum, Rockland gear transfer case adapter and then you could use any transfer case you want.

That and the fella on aff who went AWD with his g6e turbo. Really nice build that one.

But no, just way too much fab work and money to get that sort of thing happening any time soon.
It's definately been a dream for a while though.

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