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New Car Sales Up 1.2% In April 2015

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New car sales rose 1.2 per cent in April 2015, with Australians buying 81,656 new passenger cars, SUVs and commercial vehicles—946 more than in April 2014. Year-to date, sales are up 3.5 per cent.

SUV sales rose 17 per cent, compared to April 2014, and light commercial sales rose 3.4 per cent. Passenger car sales fell 10.3 per cent.

Releasing the April 2015 new car sales figures, FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber said private buyers continued to show a preference for SUVs and light commercial vehicles, with private purchases of SUVs increasing 24.4 per cent and private purchases of light commercial vehicles increasing 17.7 per cent.

“Overall, new car sales to private buyers increased 8.8 per cent and new car sales to government increased 1.7 per cent. Business purchases were down, with the business community purchasing 5.6 per cent less vehicles than in April 2014,” Mr Weber said.

“While small passenger car sales fell 13.8 per cent, the segment continues to attract the most buyers, holding 19.8 per cent of the new car market in April 2015 and 21.1 per cent year-to-date. Large SUVs held 12.9 per cent of the new car market in April, Medium SUVs held 12.1 per cent 4x4 light commercial vehicles held 11.6 per cent and small SUVs held 10.1 per cent.

The Toyota Corolla was the top selling car in April 2015, with 3,238 vehicles sold. The Corolla was followed by the Toyota Hilux (2,789), Mazda3 (2,365), Hyundai i30 (2,298) and Ford Ranger (2,200).

Sales varied in states and territories across the county. Sales increased in Tasmania (up 8.3%), Victoria (up 5%), Australian Capital Territory (up 2.9%), New South Wales (up 2.5%) and Queensland (up 1.7%). Sales fell around 11 per cent in the Northern Territory and Western Australia, and 1.1 per cent in South Australia.

Toyota was the highest selling brand in April 2015 with 18.7 per cent of the market. Toyota was followed by Mazda with 9.9 per cent, Hyundai with 8.8 per cent, Expensive Daewoo with 8.7 per cent, and Ford with 6.3 per cent.

Key Points:

  • The April 2015 market of 81,656 new vehicle sales is an increase of 946 vehicle sales or 1.2% on April 2014 (80,710 vehicle sales). April 2015 (26.0) had the same amount of selling days as April 2014 (26.0) and this resulted in an increase of 36.4 vehicle sales per day.

  • The April 2015 industry volume is down 23,398 or 23.3% on March 2015 (105,054 vehicles).

  • The Passenger Vehicle Market is down by 4,005 vehicle sales (-10.3%) over the same month last year; the Sports Utility Market is up by 4,307 vehicle sales (17.0%); the Light Commercial Market is up by 482 vehicle sales (3.4%); and the Heavy Commercial Vehicle Market is up by 162 sales (7.1%) versus April 2014.

  • Toyota was market leader in April, followed by Mazda and Hyundai. Toyota led Mazda with a margin of 7,231 vehicle sales, or 8.8 market share points.




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